Mellon Monkeys Matching Sibling Outfit

I was so excited to receive my Mellon Monkeys Matching Sibling Outfit in the mail today!  Every year, we have family pictures done around the holidays.  For the past few years, its only been my husband, my son and I.  Last year, we welcomed a beautiful daughter into the family.  One more little one to love but also one more outfit to coordinate for family pictures.  These are pictures that we will use for our family photo Christmas cards as well as to display in our house and I want them to be perfect. I have found it difficult to coordinate outfits for my children, especially since one is a boy and one is a girl!  Mellon Monkeys offers a wide selection of outfit options for sisters, brothers as well as a sister/brother combo!

Coordinating Sibling Outfits

I knew that I wanted coordinating sibling outfits for my children for our holiday pictures.  Mellon Monkeys sent me the perfect solution to my outfit dilemma!  I received a beautiful pillowcase dress for my daughter as well as a coordinating tie for my son.  Both items are from Mellon Monkeys’ Fall 2011 collection.  The fabric of the pillowcase dress is beautiful and the dress is so well made.  Every stitch of this dress is perfect and you can tell lots of time and dedication was put into making it.  The pattern of the dress has large light pink and dark pink flowers against a dark fuschia background.  There are also accents of tan leaves and white and green flowers.  The bottom of the dress as well at the shoulder ties are a khaki colored pattern, resembling the veins of a leaf.  The colors are perfect for fall but would also be great colors for spring and summer!  The pillowcase dress fits my 14 month old perfectly and I love that she will be able to continue to wear it for years, paired with a pair of leggings as she gets bigger!  The coordinating tie for my son is the same pattern that is along the bottom of my daughter’s dress.  The tie is super easy to put on, as it is made with elastic. There is no way I would have the time to actual put on a real tie on my active 4 year old!  There are directions with the tie on how to adjust it as well as how to wash and dry it!  I can’t wait to have our pictures done knowing that we will all be coordinating!

Mellon Monkeys offers a large selection of dresses, skirts, neckties and hats in coordinating patterns and colors.  Make sure to take a look at their current Fall 2011 line as well as their amazing options for Christmas outfits!  Follow them on Facebook for photos of the latest products as well as a link to her Etsy page!

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