MedMe review
Poor Mason was so sick. When I was chatting with the doctor on the computer he fell asleep.

One of the hardest parts of being a mom is when you have a sick child. It seems they always want mommy to make it feel better, which is one of the things us moms are built for. Typically, we can figure out the problem and treat it with a kiss and a band aid or a hug and some pain reliever. It is when we get an illness we are not sure what to do about that can really put you in panic mode. I have books that I have to look up common symptoms and they have helped me treat a simple problem that saved me a trip to the doctor. It is when they have symptoms that are not in the book or if they are int he book, it recommends you call or see your doctor right away. This happened to my family recently, and I was away on a business trip when my son got sick. There is nothing worse than to be thousands of miles from home and you have a sick boy who just wants his mommy. This is the time that it would be lovely to have a doctor house call available. Since that is a thing of the past, how about the next best thing? There is a great online program called MeMD that offers consultations with a certified medical provider, regardless of where you live. By using MeMD, I was able to avoid going to the doctor or to the Urgent Care center. The doctor got on Facetime with me so she could chat with Mason and I to discuss his symptoms. We ended up getting an Amoxicillin prescription for a upper respiratory infection. After taking his medicine for three days, his fever subsided and soon he was back to his own self.

The Next Best Thing To A Doctor House Call

If you have a sick child and you just are not sure if they need to see a doctor or not, you hate to make the wrong decision. With MeMD, they have taken the guesswork out of the equation, giving you peace of mind. MeMD offers you personalized treatment online with a medical provider consultation. After your video consultation with a board-certified physician, they can write you an e-prescription which you can submit to your local pharmacy. How wonderful that you or your family member can be on the road to recovery can get the diagnosis and medication you need almost immediately.

Can you imagine how life would be like if you did not need to wait days for an appointment or hours in a germ-filled waiting room. MeMD saves you time and money by visiting an online doctor from the comfort of your home. You can access MeMD wherever you are and in many cases are available 24/7. Save yourself high deductibles by using MeMD which is often less than your co-pay or you can use your HSA, HRA or FSA account, as well. Here is a short video to learn more about MeMD. If you would like to try MeMD for yourself, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for a $5 coupon. Once you like MeMD on Facebook, you can enter to win their “Doc In A Box” sweepstakes, which includes a 3-pack of MeMD visits, digital thermometer and Band-Aids®.