I am beginning a weekly feature of all the wonderful Memes out there for us bloggers to hop around to.  If you are interested in being featured, please email me at jennifer@makobiscribe.com with the subject line: Meme Spotlight.

For my very first post, it is my pleasure to introduce, Still Blonde After All These YEARS.  She is one of the hosts of one of my favorite hops and is the inspiration to my own Stumble Through Thursday.

Still Blonde

About ME:  The Chief Blonde is a slightly vintage woman over 45 who vehemently campaigns to elevate women over 45 to their rightful place of Adoration in the Universe!

About My Blog:  At Still Blonde after all these YEARS, we are THE blog for Women over 45.  We share hairstyles for women over 45, outfits modeled by Women over 45, product reviews, holiday Gift guides, and Low comment Giveaways always over $50 for ALL!

My Meme: Stumble Tumble Tuesday which is hosted by  Still Blonde After All These Years, Shopper Gal, Acting Balanced, Luxury Reading, and Kelly’s Lucky You!