There is something about men and bags, something that makes some people cheer and burst into applause, and others frown upon the idea of men wearing purses. But men have always carried one type of bag or another throughout history, since Otzi the Iceman found a way to improvise a sack we now call a “backpack.” In the glorious golden ages of old fashioned business men and stock brokers, a serious gentleman would have rather died than being seen pacing the Wall Street without carrying a briefcase.

Fashion trends are coming and going, unless when they hold their ground and make a statement: we are here to stay for good. It is true, the mountaineering backpack turned into a classy accessory and the solid brick briefcase toned down a notch, but some men things are as fashionable now as they have ever been. Let’s take a look today at five men bags that are still exquisitely fashionable and the outfits you can wear to spice your looks up.

1. The Leather Messenger Bag

Now the messenger bag may be as old as the messenger job itself, but with the new fabrics, designs, textures and sizes, you don’t really have a choice but embracing your bold, modern, hip and cool look. Messenger bags have the advantage of being the epitomes of versatility: they go great with a casual and even hipster outfit, not to mention how “business” they make you look when paired with a navy blue jacket or a two-piece classic suit. Make sure you don’t forget a pair of cool moccasins to go with your laidback casual attire or some patent leather lace-up oxfords to walk that suit in.

2. The Leather Briefcase

There is no respectable politician, broker, business man, corporate child prodigy, mobster or freelance entrepreneur to not carry a briefcase when the time is right. The briefcase has a very interesting history and you will learn it is indeed a powerful icon in the world of men. Of course you won’t use it for grocery shopping or for meeting up with your buddies for drinks, but a refined leather briefcase will speak volumes about how serious you are about your business or the company you represent. Dressing sharp and wearing elegant accessories (include the wrist watch here as well) will send a positive message and will make a killer good impression on the people you get into contact with.

3. The Timeless Leather Canvas Backpack

As we said, a men’s backpack is a staple of freedom, willingness to travel and move around, it is the uniform of the free spirited, the young and restless, the casually dressed yuppies and rebels, the students and the freelancers. You can pick a canvas leather backpack in a medium size to carry around all your work stuff, laptop, gadgets, books and paperwork, camera and other accessories. A casual timeless white polo shirt and a pair of black jeans will turn you into a fashion icon without any effort. There are some timeless menswear pieces which are as evergreen as the backpack itself, so indulge yourself and spice up your urban hip look with no fuss!

4. The Cross-Body Office Bag

This one was left in some kind of a loop since detractors started to mock men wearing girl purses, but true gentlemen know better than this. A cross-body high quality leather bag in a timeless dark brown shade is a friend for life. Modern bags come in various styles, patterns and materials, but we recommend you to go full classic gentleman and pick one in a set with a dark brown leather belt and a pair of dark brown brogues or cap toe oxfords for a spectacular put-together, composed, neat and timeless look.

5. The Leather Waist Pouch

Waist pouches or belt bags managed somehow to earn a bad reputation in our modern times because they seem to be associated with bad fashion choices of the 80s and with sports and outdoor exercises. Forget your grandpa’s canvas or nylon waist pouch! We are talking about highly fashionable leather pouches which are perfect for active men used to walk around a lot and to travel a lot in the lightest manner possible. A high quality waist pouch can keep safe your high end smartphone, car keys, credit cards and personal papers and a small family of gadgets. Wear it with casual clothes, jeans, sneakers or boots and enjoy a carefree style of life!

Now, gentlemen, are you ready to adopt a bold contemporary look? Are you ready to incorporate one or more of these timeless man bags for ages?