Mens Bamboo Underwear

Mens Bamboo Underwear

I am still learning about going green, so I was unaware there was such a thing as mens bamboo underwear!  I can’t help but picture some guy standing around with a stalk of bamboo sticking out of his pants or something!  I recently learned some interesting facts about the bamboo plant and how it fits in to our everyday life.  The bamboo plant is the fastest growing plant on the planet and it reduces carbon dioxide gases.  This plant is a natural fiber that is far better to use than cotton due to its properties that make it lighter, softer, cooler and much more comfortable.  When you choose clothing made from bamboo fabric, you are helping to protect our planet.

Piado is an awesome company that sells one thing; men’s underwear!  Yep, just underwear!  So if that is all they sell, I bet you they are really good at it!  The Piado ”Colors of Life” collection is available in boxer brief or briefs in 4 colors; red, blue, green and orange.  With fabric made from 94% bamboo, the Piado line is by far the best made, softest and most comfortable underwear around.  What sets Piado apart from their competition is that the materials they use have a much longer life span than other brands and they don’t harm the planet.  For that matter, they don’t harm to fashion industry either because the Piado line is sleek, modern and colorful.

Natural Fabrics For Mens Boxers

When you find a company that uses natural fabrics for mens boxers, you have struck gold.  Piado is that company.  From the innovative packaging to the superior fabric to how great looking this underwear is makes Piado all that and a bag of chips!  I was offered two pairs of the men’s boxer briefs ($24.00), one in red and one in green.  Let me tell you the funniest story about our Piado experience.  When they arrived, Henry opened up the package and looked at them and then at me and said, “What in the heck are these?”  I told him it was men’s underwear, so he opened the package with the red pair and said, “Oh Mom, these are the softest underwear in the whole wide world!”  I have explained before that Henry has sensory processing disorder, so everything he wears must be really soft and have no tags, etc.  The Piado underwear is really that soft and Henry was not accepting that these were for an adult, so he takes off his pants and puts the Piado boxer briefs on and he has to hold them up because they are so big.  He gets this huge frown and says, “Well, I guess I won’t be wearing these anytime soon, but I am keeping them until I do”, and there went the red pair.  My husband said these are by far the most comfortable underwear he has ever worn!  He said he wanted a pair or two in every color and he was ready to throw his old underwear in the trash!  I guess that is a good testimony on how awesome the Piado underwear for men is, huh?

Two readers will win three pairs of underwear ($24.00 each) of their choice from the Piado “Colors of Life” collection

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