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Mens Grooming Products from The Grooming Lounge

Mens Grooming Products

The Grooming Lounge offers a wide variety of mens grooming products as well as expert advice on shaving, skin care, hair care and body care.  My husband Scott has adopted a pretty lackadaisical approach to skin and hair care.  He normally uses whatever is on sale at the time or whatever product I come home for him to try.  Ever since becoming parents, our “grooming routine” has gone from a half an hour in the bathroom to in and out in five minutes.  We both lack the knowledge and direction we need to even develop a skin and hair care regimen.  The Grooming Lounge is my husband’s new solution to taking better care of his skin and hair.

Mens Shaving Products

Over the years, my husband has tried almost all of the mens shaving products on the market.  None of them have really stood out and he usually just ends of using a disposible razor and over the counter shaving cream.  The Grooming Lounge sent me “The Greatest Shave Kit Ever” for review.  The Shave Kit includes Mug Cleaner Face Wash, Beard Master Shave Oil, Beard Destroyer Shave Cream and Best for Last Soothing Aftershave.  The Mug Cleaner Face Wash helps clean, exfoliate and uproot ingrown hairs to prepare your face for the perfect shave.  The Cleaner is gentle enough to use everyday and has an invigoriating scent to energize you in the morning.  The face wash is made with lavendar, aloe and rosemary oil that help clean and energize, moisturize and fight blemishes.  The Beard Master Shave Oil is created to provide smooth razor clean for a closer shave eliminating razor burn and bumps.  It is made with Meadowfoam Oil, Peppermint Oil and Avocado Oil to help lift whiskers, lubricate and soothe.    The Beard Destroyer Shave Cream is a winner of the Men’s Health Grooming Award for best Shave Oil.  The Shave Cream is a non-foaming shave lotion designed to create the perfect shave each time you use it and helps to prevent cuts and nicks.  It is created with Rosemary Oil, Orange Oil and Sandalwood Oil to pamper your face. The Shave Cream works perfectly when paired with the Shave Oil. Finally the Best for Last Soothing Aftershave completes your perfect shaving experience.  The Aftershave is a soothing creamy solution to help calm your skin post-shave.  The blend of Oilbanum, Almond Oil and Lavender helps calm, heal and soothe skin while moisturizing and energizing your face. “The Greatest Shave Kit Ever” includes a full size bottle of each of the above products and retails for $71.00.

Shaving Advice for Men

The Grooming Lounge also offers extensive shaving advice for men as well as guidance for skin and hair care for those like my husband that need a little more assistance.  The Grooming Lounge offers their own line of products created at their DC Barbershop as well as well known brands like Billy Jealousy, Jack Black, Kiehls and Kyoku.  Visit The Grooming Lounge for the best men’s grooming products on the market.

The Grooming Lounge is a sponsor of the Father’s Day Event from June 10th to June 18th.  Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter to win a $50 gift card as part of their Father’s Day sweepstakes package!


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