Menu Planning Made Simple

Menu Planning Made Simple

If you are a family that is on a budget, you probably need menu planning made simple. I am bad about going to the grocery store both hungry and without a menu for the day let alone the week!  So, I end up buying a bunch of junk food and sweets that totaled about $100.  The worst part is when my husband asks what meals we are having that week and I have nothing I can put together for a decent meal.  When I tell him hot dogs, Cheetos, and Nutty Buddy bars, he is not amused (I thought it sounded quite delicious).  So back to the store he goes (I am not invited) and he spends another $75 to salvage my error!  I must admit that the Cheetos and Nutty Buddy bars are not helping me with my weight loss journey!  I needed to find an organizational tool that would help me with my bad habits.

I found the coolest reusable tool on the market that helps you shop at the market!  The Supermarket Smarty is a reusable kit to organize your shopping trip.  This is not a little wipe off menu planner, but an entire shopping experience organizer!  During a time filled with health issues, savvy mom Patricia researched the best food to feed her family healthy meals as well as which fit into her diet.  And all this while staying on budget?  How in the world could you put all that information in one easy to use product?  The Supermarket Smarty includes a meal planner, a coupon pocket and even a magnifying glass to help read the tiny print on food labels.

Reusable Grocery Shopping List

Considering my checkered past with my grocery expeditions, my husband was more than a little anxious when I told him I was using my reusable grocery shopping list and heading to the store.  I am sure he bit his nails the entire time I was gone and braced himself for the budget shocker that was sure to follow.  I had taken my Supermarket Smarty (retail price ($9.99) wrote out the meals for the week, which included lunches for Caitlin as she hates the school lunches (who doesn’t?!), tucked my coupons away and my list written.   I took my time and really focused on my task at hand.  It was weird but I was relaxed and calm as compared to my stressful hunting and pecking I have done in the past.  Knowing I had all I needed in one place gave me a great sense of accomplishment.  When I came home and gave my husband the receipt for my shopping trip, he asked where the other recipe was.  I said that was the only receipt and he could not believe I got everything on my list and was under budget to boot!  How awesome is that?!

One reader will in a Supermarket Smarty with magnetic holder (retail $9.99)

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