The due diligence information required in preparing for an initial public offering (IPO), can put a strain on any growing company.  It’s time-consuming and challenging, and if your company is additionally trying to integrate paper-based materials with this process, the organization required can be overwhelming for even the most organized.  Merrill DataSite can help streamline this process by making it paperless with their premier professional VDR solution for IPO process software.  Merrill DataSite transforms typical paper-based data into a secure, centralized virtual data room so that teams can quickly and easily sort through materials online so as to greatly speed up the process of due diligence review and drafting of SEC-required documentation.  Merrill DataSite can be launches in only two hours, with literally thousands of documents ready to review within 24 hours.  Attorneys, accountants, consultants, financial sponsors, underwriters, company executives and board members can work from anywhere, so it’s no longer necessary for extensive travel just to review and draft documents.  Merrill DataSite is known for having the most secure VDR in the industry, and have represented transactions totaling trillions of dollars in assets.  They also offer a team of experienced professionals to oversee the composition, editing, and electronic filing of data as well as first class conferencing facilities and 24/7 customer service.

Additionally, Merrill Brink translation services offers technical translation services and localization services so that successful companies can compete in today’s global business arena.  They offer translation services and capabilities anywhere in the world with document translation, certified translation, business translation, or localization.  With over 30 years of document translation service, Merrill Brink has a commitment to high quality, quick, and accurate language translation.