Microsoft SkyDrive

Even if you’re not in the world of blogging, business or social media it’s safe to say you have at least a couple of tech gadgets in your home.  Most families these days have a couple of smart phones, a computer and a tablet. Personally, I have all of these and use them heavily in my work life. Unfortunately it can be difficult when I’m on the go and have information separated on multiple devices. In order to work I have to carry around USB drives or email myself files so they can be downloaded to different devices. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that could sync my information without needing to connect them all?

Microsoft SkyDrive

With Microsoft SkyDrive you can! SkyDrive offers 7GB of FREE Cloud Storage. The cloud holds my documents and even photos just waiting to be synced across my devices. As an entrepreneur and blogger it’s so handy that I can edit and collaborate with my employees through Office documents too. Best of all I can access them from any computer, phone or tablet at any time. There are so many ways to share the information with myself and others too: email, a short link via text, social networks, our companies website or even my blog! With SkyDrive the people I share with don’t need access to special apps or devices. I can share any file with anyone. There are even free Office Web Apps if they don’t have Office Installed – ie on Tablets and Smartphones.

There’s also a desktop app for SkyDrive for your PC or Mac that syncs with your cloud folder and lets you access files on your PC remotely. But if I want to avoid links, files, uploads and downloads all together I can use SkyDrive on the Web. With SkyDrive on the web I can share and store my documents from a PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet. It’s just a couple of clicks to create, upload or access them from anywhere.

Apps that work with SkyDrive

You can get your own SkyDrive account with 7GB of Free Cloud Storage too. Remember, you don’t have to have a PC or Windows Phone. SkyDrive works on PC and Mac, Windows, Droid, Apple and a variety of Tablets. It also works with numerous apps including One Note, xobni, HelloFax and more. I am a Windows Champion Blogger for Microsoft and was provided the HP Envy 2 computer to facilitate this post.