Milana Bra by Genie

As I walked through the mall yesterday with the underwire of my bra pushing into my rib with each painstaking step I cursed the person who ever invented the bra. I assumed it must have been a man. Shouldn’t a women have realized how painful, uncomfortable and annoying they can be? Surprisingly, I was wrong. At age 19 Mary Phelps Jacob, invented the first modern brassiere to receive a patent and gain wide acceptance.While I can imagine it was a vast improvement over the binding corset contraptions (imagine walking near a magnet with those things?!), it still has some serious flaws. No matter how much I spend, I find that something is always on this side of comfortable. Sports bras can be too binding, I can’t get lift without feeling like I’m falling out. My underwire pokes me and if I go sans underwire the girls just don’t sit where the should. I would consider giving up on them all together but I’m afraid of gravity’s effects.

The new Milana Bra by Genie just may solve all of my problems. I mean it’s amazing! First, it cheaper than nearly anything you will find in a department store. You can get a 3 pack for only $60 – that’s $20 a bra. Plus, each of my other bras have to be hand washed and then hung over the shower rod to dry. I have tried to wash them on the gentle cycle but it always ends the same. “Dented” cups, bent wires and kinked straps. Basically, $40  down the drain. With the Milana the fabric conforms to any cup size without ever losing its shape—even when machine-washed and dried.

It’s also designed for comfort. There are no underwires or hooks. It’s made of stretchy fabric so it’s easy to slip in and out of. Not only do the wide straps eliminate the need for underwire, it also means I won’t have angry red lines imprinted into my shoulder long after it’s removal. Many shapewear bras come in one color, nude, and offer a basic plain cut. The Milana features a lacy design that would look good under a wrap dress or even as elegant sleepwear. It also comes in three colors: black, white and nude. But what really takes is the cake is it’s magic pouch to accommodate removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage. It practically shuns gravities effects. Goodbye uncomfortable underwires and painful straps. So long Saggy Sally, Hello Milana Bra.


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