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Mini Portable Speakers From X-mini Sweepstakes

Mini Portable Speakers

While on vacation a few years ago, my friend had brought along her mini portable speakers.  It is times like that when I feel like I am light years behind the current trends.  I told her I had never seen speakers that small and she laughed and asked where I had been!  I am a big music person.  I remember my mother listening to her favorite records (for you youngsters out there, a record was the CD of the 60’s-80’s. Mom would dance and sing as she cleaned the house with my sister and I following her everywhere.  My love of music has been passed on to my oldest daughter Chelsea and I am passing that love on to Caitlin and Henry. When we are listening to the radio, I will quiz them about who the singer is what genre the music is and what instruments they hear.  With my laptop with its sub-par speakers, I can’t listen to music in the house and I hate that!  I decided it was time to find some little speakers for the house.

Xmi Pte Ltd. is a company founded in Singapore whose mission is to stay ahead of the curve in the multimedia market.  Xmi Pte Ltd. brings the X-mini line which are the most innovative products that are of the highest quality and of the most superior design.  You can find the X-mini in over 80 countries worldwide including North and Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and more.  This company has won a plethora of awards including the Red dot design, CNet Editor’s Choice Award and the Hardware Magazine Gold Award.  The products from this company promise you will get the best audio experience from the most compact and portable speakers on the market.  With this company, they strive to be loud and be proud!  You can purchase your favorite X-mini product from their online store.

Little Speakers Big Sound

In order to get the best audio experience possible, I have a motto: little speaker’s big sound.  If you can’t have your music loud, then you aren’t listening properly!  When I would sit in the hallway and cram for a test, my iPod was cranked so loud, people would move away from me so as not to be bothered by my tunes! I was so excited to try the speakers from Xmi Pte Ltd.  The two best sellers are the X-mini II Capsule Mono Speaker ($29.90) and the X-mini MAX II Capsule Dual Speaker ($49.90).  I was fortunate enough to receive both of these items for review and I can tell you, I have fallen in love!  I could not believe these tiny speakers could project such amazing sound!  The kids and I couldn’t wait to give our speakers a proper breaking in, so we brought the laptop into the kitchen and plugged in the Xmini MAXII speakers and we had Mumford and Sons and Adele cranked to the limit!  My husband came home from work and told us he heard the music as he was pulling in the driveway.  It was at that point I knew we had a job well done!

One reader will win the The X-mini II Capsule Speaker ($29.90)

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