Modern Accessories For The Home

Modern Accessories For The Home

If you are looking for modern accessories for the home, you have a lot of options.  It seems that modern furniture and decor for your home is a popular trend these days.  You can insert a piece of modern decor into the sleekest space or in a traditional space with modern accents.  It doesn’t matter where you put your new addition to your home, it just matters what you add.  When you are looking for modern items for your home, you should narrow your search down to include companies that sell Eco-friendly or fair trade pieces.  This way you are making a statement in your home as well as for the protection of our planet.

I found a really great company that delivers modern and trendy items for your home and are doing it with our earth in mind.  Ecostasy has a focus for their products that combines the promotion of social preservation and environmental conservation.  Each item that Ecostasy sells has been made by hand from a select group of artisans who are located worldwide.  Ecostasy carefully choose the areas and the artisans that will provide and produce their goods.  By choosing artisans from areas like rainforests, savannas and wetlands, Ecostasy is promoting the ecologically sensitive areas and giving the native people the opportunity to generate income.  The materials Ecostasy uses to make their beautiful pieces are from renewable natural resources, which include recycled, reclaimed or salvaged materials.

Unique Seating For Small Spaces

I live in a tiny house, so I am always looking for unique seating for small spaces.  We don’t have room for side chairs or other seating options, so I had to get a little creative.  I was so excited to have the opportunity to review an item from Ecostasy because their items are simply breathtaking and unusual.  I chose the Sucupira Stool ($90.00) which was made from Sucupira Amarela wood in Brazil by the Caboclas Project. This stool is by far the most exquisite piece of furniture I have ever owned.  The lines are sleek but there is softness to it at the same time and the wood is as solid as anything I have ever seen.  This thing is heavy ya’ll!!!  The stool is also a great height (17 ¾”) so we can use it for seating in the living room, as a desk stool in the kids room or a step school for the vertically challenged like myself.  The Caboclas Project is a forest management project that was started in 2000.  The project includes more than 300 families who use simple hand tools to create beautiful pieces that are made from the trees of the managed forest or from reclaimed or dead trees, which saves our precious and endangered areas in the Tapajos region.  I absolutely love this gorgeous stool and appreciate the time and effort it took to create such a memorable item for my home.

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