Modern Digital Glass Topped Bathroom Scale

Modern Digital Glass Top Bathroom Scale

Since joining Nutrisystem a few months ago, I wanted a modern digital glass top bathroom scale.  My bathroom scale I had was so old that it was like a guessing game to see if it would even work!  When it did work, we weren’t sure if the numbers were correct or not.  I knew if I was going to stay on this weight loss program, I needed an accurate scale.  There are so many companies out there that offer scales of all shapes, sizes, styles and prices.  If you look into the traditional bathroom scales, you can find a ton of those.  The issue I have with those scales is how they become inaccurate from years of use.  I researched digital scales and found they were much more accurate over time than the traditional scale I had been using.

Ozeri is one of the leaders in the digital home products industry and Moderna Housewares is one of their top distributors.  Initially, Ozeri was found in luxury time shares and condos all over the country.  You can now find the high quality products from Ozeri in commercial as well as residential properties.  Not only are the Ozeri products well-made and accurate, but they are also quite affordable.  If you were to take the Ozeri products at face value, you would guess they were priced upwards of $100 or more.  With Ozeri, this is not the case.  With their products being found in so many luxury locations, they have become well known through firsthand experience.  Bearing this in mind, Ozeri does not have the need to pad their retail prices to recoup monies spent on advertising.  With Ozeri you can rest assured you will not only get a fantastically superior product, but at an affordable price as well.  You can find Ozeri products online at Amazon.

Accurate Scales For Weight Loss

If you are trying to get healthy, accurate scales for weight loss is a must.  Before I was given the Ozeri scale to review, it was a guessing game as to what my current weight was!  If I went to the doctor and was weighed, I would come home and used my scale, it was anywhere from 1-4 pounds over.  This could not happen if I was seriously dedicated to be successful in my weight loss journey.  I was given the Ozeri II Digital Bath Scale ($26.95).  This scale has a step on activation and a nice sized LCD screen.  You may have used an older scale that you had to tap with your foot to come on.  The Ozeri digital scale does not call for you to do that.  You just step onto the scale and you will see your current weight within a few seconds.  The impact resistant glass is perfect for my clumsy self!!  You also have the option to weigh yourself in pounds or kilograms.  To be honest with you, I am more in love with the looks of the scale than anything else!! The sleek and modern design brings a touch of elegance into your bathroom.  When you purchase an Ozeri scale, it will come as no surprise that these scales were initially made for a luxury setting.  I just love this product and cannot wait for my next Ozeri product!

One reader will receive a Precision II Digital Bathroom Scale from Ozeri ($26.95)

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  1. could use this scale i need one that is accurate i am presently waiitng to have surgery and am trying to loose weight

  2. could use this scale i need one that is accurate i am presently waiitng to have surgery and am trying to loose weight

  3. Link still goes to Moderna Housewares, no products listed. If you are talking about other Ozeri products, I know that I also like their digital kitchen scales.

  4. Me, either, could not see any more than the “front” page… but the products in that pic looked fab… LOL I wish I had new furniture. All of mine is 30 years old. I kid you not. Yuck. I want to burn the sofa. Just burn it.

  5. I also could not find any products on the website to even look at. I do love the scale though, it is so cool looking!

  6. I could not find anywhere on the site to see the products!! The page just said home,contact us,privacy on top,,and no products..I hope this entry still counts,thanks!!!

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