Modern Kitchen Gadgets

Modern Kitchen Gadgets

I love modern kitchen gadgets!  I love the sleek lines with the playful splashes of color.  If you are familiar with this new trend in kitchen accessories, you know that many companies put a twist on an old standby; giving it an updated look.  I am also excited to get rid of my boring metal gadgets and trading them for fun and bright colors.  For some geeky reason, I feel better when I am preparing food with these fun little items.  My daughter is also a fan of these modern gadgets and with her setting up a new apartment, I am having a blast finding cool stuff for her kitchen.

I found the coolest place for fun and funky kitchen gadgets.  Slice Products has some innovative designers on their team who have designed and developed some really awesome kitchen accessories.  They have taken ordinary kitchen tools and made them extraordinary!  You are going to rethink the way you picture your peeler, box cutter, scissors and more.  I want you to meet the creator of Slice Products and the reason Slice was pursued.  TJ Scimone and I have something in common that was discovered in our communications about this review.  We both have a son who has autism and we are both loving and dedicated parents who try every day to educate people and put a face to autism.  TJ started Slice in order to help pay for his son, Alex’s long-term care.  You see, as parents we all want the best for our children and many of us take for granted our children will graduate high school, go to college, and have a career, a spouse and babies for us to spoil.  With kids like Alex and Henry, we cannot know what their future holds.  All we can do is love and encourage them the best we can.  At least 1% of the Slice profits go to fund autism research, so when you buy a Slice product, you are helping Alex and Henry and so many other kids finally find a cure for autism.

Cool Kitchen Accessories

I am in love with all the cool kitchen accessories from Slice Products.  I love the imaginative path the designers took to create these wonderful kitchen tools.  I was lucky to review 3 products from Slice and they are all super cool.  I received the Safety Cutter ($5.99) which is awesome for opening boxes!  I also received the “Y” Peeler ($12.99) and the Vase Mill set ($39.99) which is the most awesome salt and pepper grinders ever!!  The Slice items are designed to make the dull kitchen tasks into something a bit more playful and fun.  The kids got a kick out of using the “Y” peeler to peel potatoes we were having for dinner that night.  My favorite is the Vase Mill set in its beautiful and elegant shape that gives you just a peek of bright color!  I am a fan of Slice and I hope you will be too.  Go on; buy something from Slice for you and for all those amazing kids living with autism.

One reader will win a set of: Safety Cutter, “Y” Peeler and Vase Mill set, valued at $58.97

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  2. My favorite product is the Slanted Stainless Tweezers. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

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  4. Can I say I love them all? They all look pretty handy but the Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener caught my eye because I broke yet another one yesterday and really need a new one and this one looks awesome. 😉

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