Modest Clothing For Women

Modest Clothing For Women

If you are looking for modest clothing for women, you may have noticed how hard they are to come by.  I have a barely teen girl in my home and I refuse to let her dress as an adult.  Heck, as an adult I don’t wear low cut tops and bottoms, so it stands to reason my daughter wouldn’t either.  One of the reasons I am happy to send her to a school with a uniform policy is that modesty is adhered to with the girls skirts and shorts that we buy and the polo shirts the school provides.  I sometimes wonder if I am doing a good job as a mom and then I have a situation like I did a few days ago with Caitlin.  She had the need for a bra, so we went to the store and got her a few sports bras.  While we were shopping we also got her a dress and a top with spaghetti straps.  I thought for summer, it would be ok for her to wear that style.  She went to try on her new things and low and behold, she comes out in a sundress with her colorful sports bra underneath!  Ah…a parenting reward I didn’t wait 20 years to get!!  But, the question was still there about clothing I could buy her that didn’t show off too much skin.

Mika Rose is the perfect place to go for trendy styles for women that are modestly cut.  After many frustrating shopping trips that yielded no cute yet modest clothes, Mika Rose was developed.  The need was there, it just took some creativity and the knowledge that there was a huge market out there for demur clothing.  Mika Rose clothing ranges from casual to elegant so you can go from a picnic in the park to an important work related function.  In order to round out a great line of modest clothing, Mika Rose makes their clothing VERY affordable, so any woman can easily fir these stylish clothes into her budget.  Please take a moment to like Mika Rose on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to show them you also believe in modest clothes for women and young ladies.

Non Revealing Dresses

I am sick to death of trying to find non revealing dresses for my daughter.  I cannot believe that the majority of consumers prefer the trashy look for their daughters rather than a tasteful ensemble.  Where are these parents and why doesn’t someone tell them their daughters are showing way too much skin.  I am sorry, but why take the innocence from our children sooner than we need to?  I chose a pretty dress for Caitlin that was appropriate for school dances or a nice dinner out with the family.  We decided on the pretty Emma dress in grey ($44.99).  The delicate rosettes along the neckline are such a lovely touch to this very pretty and comfortable dress.  Caitlin wore that dress as soon as it arrived and refused to take it off, even to sleep in.  Usually I am not a propionate of wearing your nice clothes to bed, but I just couldn’t say no!  It looked so sweet on her and her Dad was so happy to see we had found a dress even he would allow her to wear!  Hey!  That can be their new tag line: Mika Rose; dresses even a father would approve of!!

One winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to be used at the Mika Rose online store.

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  1. I am a pants girl myself until I find my summer maxi dress ; I know it is out there just hve not found it yet

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