Great gift idea for business men

Modify Watches would make a great gift idea for business men with flair this season, especially one like my brother-in-law who works with Younglife. He needs to make a cool, hip impression on the teens that he reaches out too, and having a snazzy interchangable watch will show that he can be in style! These watches come in candy-colored and neon bands reminding one of the 90s.

Interchangeable Mens Watch

Modify Watches are interchangeable and come in a variety of styles. You can choose from 13 different fierce faces and 9 different straps to show off your sense of style. In addition to being a cool-man on the block they are affordable too. For one “kit” you can spend $45 for a combination, and  in a sense you can get three or more watches by mixing more than one kit.

Mens Watch With Interchangeable Bands

If you do not know what watch to pick out for the outfit of the evening or you are looking foa a gift for that hard to buy person, Modify can offer solutions to both scenarios. For the new Modify wearer one can choose from combinations like ‘Bar Fight’ black and blue or ‘Dimples & Pimples’ pink and red. Or you can get the Business Time Business Line which has 3 faces and two straps to entertain numerous combinations. For the more experienced or more daring man, you can choose your own watch combination with the Sandbox.

This watch can even be worn as a bangle-type for a woman, looks great on a teens wrist or even the dog.

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