mom energyThe title alone, Mom Energy authored by Ashley Koff, R.D., Kathy Kaehler, sparked my interest. Immediately, I wanted to review this book. If you ask anyone that has met me, they would describe me as an energetic person. While I can’t disagree, I will admit that even with the amount of energy I have, I am always in need of more to keep up with life as a mom. I think most mothers would agree, motherhood requires more energy than ever expected. Not just more energy, but how to use it to create a healthy and balanced life for the entire family.

Regardless of your existing energy level, this book is loaded with valuable information on how to recharge and renew a mom’s body, mind and spirit.  This book breaks down the how’s and why’s to making better choices not only in your diet, exercise, and time management plans, but how your view to the changes being made is key and how that affects the overall outcome in the quest to have more energy.

Mom Energy include several chapters on stress affect the mind and body. The book  then goes on to categorize moms into profiles based on how stress affects them physically and how she reacts or copes.  Once the reader has determined her mom profile, the book serves as a guidebook on how to get over personal hurdles and get on track to leading a life with more energy to achieve goals in all areas of wellness.

As a health and fitness professional, I am impressed at how the book goes into a lot of detail about the body’s energy metabolism down to the cellular level. Now, this part may cause a few moms to thumb quickly through the “mini science” lessons, but the authors knew this and include key points in tables and sidebars and even went as far as to direct readers to specific sections that were most important to getting the necessary information needed to gain the most “Mom Energy.”

This book is a great book to keep close at hand as a reference for exercise, nutrition, stress management, time management, and as a psyche booster. The authors are health professionals, as well as moms themselves, so they really know what issues other moms are dealing with. These mom issues are discussed in a way that any mom can understand and relate to and should leave mom readers feeling a little more energized just by reading the book. The book left me feeling that no matter what I have on my plate (at the table or in life), I could make better decisions and feel good about making them. Watch out “Mom Guilt”, Mom Energy is going to squash you and make a better person! You can pre-order on sale for $17.13.