Zipline-Safari-MPThe Pre-release of Global Resort Homes DisneyNature Chimpanzee Premiere Event is out on Yahoo News and I am a little scared, but a lot excited! It seems from the sneak peek of the itinerary we are going to be ziplining 68 feet above ground at Forever Florida EcoSafaris! Um 68 feet above ground is really, really, really high! Do you think I can get a four-square achievement from checking in that high without a plane?  We are going to be able to experience how it really is to be a CHIMPANZEE! Watch out 20 bloggers gone wild in the air with social media! I am sure the tweets, Facebook pics and Four Square check-ins will be enough from us all that you will feel 68 feet up in the air too!

I have lived in Florida my whole life, so I am really excited to see the Wild side. It seems that when you live in an area sometimes you miss out on all the wonders right under your nose. Global Resort Homes is partnering with the Kissimmee Convention and Visitors Bureau to host a group of bloggers (that’s me) for an event-filled long weekend surrounding the premiere of Disneynature’s CHIMPANZEE.

Zip-lining will not be our only adventure (well besides grouping 21 women together into 3 houses! Plus Marshall), but we are also going to visit Boggy Creek Airboat Tours to be able to view wildlife at up to 45 mph. I hope we do not fall out of the airboat because there is one thing I am really familiar with and that is the big ol’ Florida Gator! Did you know that Florida Alligators can grow as big as 17 feet long and can run as fast as 30 mph? I just got off the phone with my sister and I think I might have more fun watching her conquer her fear of alligators most of all!

florida alligator