Being a mommy is so rewarding and you wouldn’t change it for the world, but there is no doubt that having children can take its toll on your body, sometimes leaving you in need of a special makeover to get your body back to how it was before.

There are women regularly searching for breast augmentation in Chicago and other places, and other procedures as well such as tummy tucks, so if you are considering something like this when you look in the mirror, here is a look at what it might involve.

Is your body in need of a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is sometimes also referred to as post-pregnancy surgery, and it covers a number of different procedures aimed at restoring your body to the shape that it was before you became a mommy.

A fairly typical makeover would most likely incorporate a tummy tuck, some form of breast enhancement procedure and any required lift, reduction or liposuction of the arms, legs or trunk.

The question you need to ask is what are the typical signs that might suggest you could be in need of a mommy makeover?

It may be that you feel that the size and shape of your breasts have been negatively affected by your pregnancy and after you may have breasted your child. A saggy tummy or noticeable stretch marks can actually be distressing for some, so you might consider a procedure if you are someone who is emotionally challenged by the sight of these stretch marks.

Reviva Stretch Mark ReducerAnother scenario that might prompt you to consider surgery, would be if pockets of fat around your abdomen, arms or thighs, don’t respond to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

If any of these fit how you feel about your body and how it looks to you, then it may well be that you might feel you are in need of a mommy makeover.

Always consider the pros and cons

No surgery comes without an element of risk and implications, however minimal they happen to be, which is why you always need to take the time to consider the pros and cons surrounding your decision.

There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery does open up the possibility that you can once again enjoy a more youthful bust that sits where you want it to and you can also achieve a flatter tummy through cosmetic surgery.

The considerations attached to these two specific procedures are that if you decide to get breast implants, you need to remember that they will require periodic monitoring and may even need replacing at some point.

You also need to understand that if you subsequently become pregnant again after having some work done, this may well compromise the results. The same warning applies if you experience a degree of weight gain after having surgery.

Take a good look at your body

You should take a good look at your body in the mirror and try to be honest but not overly critical about what you see.

Physical changes to your body due to childbearing and aging are a fact of life and you have to be realistic and try to embrace certain subtle changes. However, if you have sagging or uneven breasts or notice that you now have a decreased or increased breast volume or stretched areolas as a result of breastfeeding, these are things that can be addressed and improved by having a suitable cosmetic procedure.

There are a number of women who now have an area of hanging fat that has formed over their scar after having a C-section. You might be one of those women, or you could be suffering from stretch marks and loose skin in your tummy area.

If these are descriptions that could apply to your body, something can be done to improve your appearance, as long as you are in good general health and have realistic expectations about the outcome.

Minimize your recovery time

One of the main reasons why a mommy makeover is proving popular is not just because of the results, but also because having more than one procedure at the same time, will help to minimize your recovery time.

If you had breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and fat reduction work at separate times, you would need a recovery period for each one after surgery of about 7-10 days, whereas if you decide to go for a makeover and get everything done at the same time, the recovery period will normally be the same, despite the fact that you have had more than one procedure.

There is always a consultation period to allow you time to consider your options, so take a look at your body and decide whether you might want to explore the idea of a mommy makeover.

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