Mommy Pads and More Personalized Notepad

I received my Mommy Pads and More Personalized Notepad in the mail today and I couldn’t be more happy with the results!  I am always searching for a pad of paper to make a list or write a quick note to someone.   My search usually comes up short and I end up writing things down on a piece of copy paper, a little embarrasing when you are writing a note to your child’s teacher!   Mommy Pads and More sent me the “Branson Family Pad” to review!  The “Branson Family Pad” is simple and classy.  The font is fun and cheerful, yet easy to read.  I was initially drawn to the beautiful colors of purple and grey and I love how all our names are included on the notepad.  The personalized notepad is 5 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in and has 50 sheets of paper in it!  The size is perfect, not too big that there would be no room for it but not too small to be able to write a note or shopping list on it!  I’ve even thrown the pad in my purse so I would have something to write on when I’m out.  Although they are so cute and fun, I almost want to hide them and ration them out for very special occasions!  Luckily, the pads are affordable at $12.99 per pad so I can easily afford to buy more or as gifts for friends!

Personalized Notepads for Teachers

I already have Christmas on the brain and think that the personalized notepads for teachers would be great gifts for both my kids to give to their teachers at school!  My mommy friends would also love the personal touch of the mommy pads as well as the practicality of it!  I absolutely love the wedding pads and think this would be such a creative gift for a bridal shower or even as favors at a wedding.  Mommy Pads and More also offers kid pads with small “fill in the blank” notes for kids.  This would be a wonderful way for the children to personally thank someone for a birthday gift, with little help from the parents!  The products go on and on!  There are even coordinating stampers to go with the different themes of the pads.  The website is well organized by category so you can easily find what you are looking for.  The categories include stationery (with the personalized notepads, note cards and gift enclosures),  stamps, mommy (including personalized jewelry) and girlie (with personalized flip flops and clothing).

Mommy Pads and More is a sponsor of the Blog Bash Christmas on December 1 – 6.  Make sure you Like them on Facebook and check out their website to win a personalized notepad as part of the final package!

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