The Bad Moms cast and writers graced us with their thoughts and insight, at the beautiful SLS hotel, Beverly Hills.

Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn sat with us first and right away it felt like we were all sitting together, on the same level, sharing the same drama comes with not only being a human woman, but an insane MOM. They were asked if the movie related to their own life experience, and they shared stories of their own up’s and downs of motherhood. Mila, being a Mom of a 21 month old, in comparison to Kathryn with kids 6 and 9, has the beginnings of the “guilt of leaving her baby to go to work” and Kathryn has the hardcore moments of realizing from her own Mother, the precious time with our kids go so fast.

Bad Moms InterviewKathryn remarks on what she didn’t expect to feel with motherhood, “impossible, inevitable heartbreak of knowing that how short it is.”  She had always heard others say how it goes so fast, remembering her own mom’s words, “the days are long, the years are short, and all this crap.” “I didn’t really know what that meant until I experienced it,” continuing “you know, my oldest is nine, and we spoon still, and I’m like [UHHHH – you know the wailing crying sound we gals can make] because I just know I don’t have that much more of it.” I know just how she feels, and it seemed right when Kathryn gave me a hi-5 as I sat next to her for our group photo. BADMOMS RETREAT


Amazingly enough, Producer Suzanne Todd, Writer/Director Jon Lucas and Writer/Director Scott Moore came out next, who I could have listened to all day long. Suzanne Todd is a powerhouse and she recognized the brilliance with these guys and the Bad Moms idea for a movie. What is so cool is their real life experience and observing their wives being moms to their own kiddos was the inspiration to create the film. They said they had their wives have their friends and kids come over to their houses, they poured some wine and the stories flowed. Jon Lucas said, “It’s not super hard to get moms to talk about how they feel about being a mom”. These guys recognize what Moms go through. They understand the absurdity of pressure, rules, standards, and outrageous expectations we deal with. When asked, “What do you hope that people will take from this movie after they see it?,” Scott Moore answered what the big one for him was, “just to do less, and that like doing less is okay and that like maybe this is a uniquely dad point of view, but like our wives and all the moms that are in our social circle that I know work so hard, and they do so many things.” He questions, “Is there a way to maybe do 5 percent less and spend 5 percent maybe more time taking care of yourself? Or hanging out with your kids? Or just having a little more fun in your life?” Moore continues, “I think it’s gotten so crazy what the expectations are; and again, it makes for great comedy. So, I’m grateful for that. We got a movie out of it. But, it’s irrational how much moms are expected to do.”

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Lastly, Christina Applegate and Annie Mumolo sat down, and were as straightforward and endearing as their predecessors. Both of them are working moms, who sometimes don’t wash their hair for days, (or their kids hair), “tapping out” when to their limit, going to their “closet” stocked with snacks for personal time and sharing heartfelt observations on how it is for us Moms. Christina resonated with every mom at the junket, when she started with, “cut yourself some slack”, and followed with, “I love this saying from my kid’s karate class, I never really even thought about it, but that practice makes progress because perfection is not something you can obtain.” She expressed to us, “It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to fail in front of your kids. It teaches them that that’s how life goes and to not hold yourself to such insane, unrealistic standards in life because life’s going to throw crap at you all the time.  It’s about how you get back up and how you keep moving on, and I think that’s what we’re trying to say in this movie.”

Kristina Anne-Bad MomsThe writers, cast, producer and director of Bad Moms certainly gave us a wonderful insight into the heart and soul of this film during the interview. The script was well thought-out and had much consideration when coming together. As much as it’s a comedy first and foremost, this film will, no doubt, hit the core of many underappreciated and overworked Moms in the world as well as the loved and crazy Moms too! BADMOMS SCREENING

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BadMoms-Official PosterCast: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Jay Hernandez, Clark Duke, Annie Mumolo, with Jada Pinkett Smith and Christina Applegate
Studio: STX Entertainment
Genre: Comedy
Writers/Directors: Jon Lucas & Scott Moore
Producers: Suzanne Todd, Bill Block
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