Monthly Box Subscriptions For Cats And Dogs

Monthly Box Subscriptions For Cats And Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you may be interested in monthly box subscriptions for cats and dogs.  I have heard of these services for cosmetics, kitchen gadgets and food, but not for pets.  If you have a furry baby or two, I am guessing you have spoiled them a time or two!  I try not to spoil my animals but with two very active kids in the house, they deserve a treat now and then!  We do have two of the coolest cats in the world!  Hazel is black with white and is a faaaaaat cat! Her sister, Meap is white with a black Mickey Mouse head pattern on her back!  These poor cats have been put through the ringer!  My grand dog Ringo is one of the best dogs ever!  He is so well behaved that it is hard to resist giving him a yummy treat or a new toy to play with.  At least with the cats, I can give them a cardboard box and they are happy as clams!

Pawalla is an innovative company that took the popular idea of a monthly subscription service and made it for cats and dogs.  Brilliant!!  Pets just like humans like to get a new food or toy and if you combine that with the luxury of letting someone else do the shopping, you cannot go wrong!  The food you receive from Pawalla is of the highest quality and has been hand selected by a pet nutritionist.  Not only do your pets get a fun surprise every month, but you get to learn about what is new on the market and what options you have for your cat or dog.  The products in your box are hand selected based on whether you have a dog or cat, their weight and age of your pet.

Healthy Treats For Dogs And Cats

I love that Pawalla sends only healthy treats for dogs and cats.  Have you ever wandered around the pet store without a clue as to what your pet may need or want?  I absolutely love that the team at Pawalla has kept up with the latest trends for your pet; so therefore, you are getting the best the market has to offer without leaving your house!!  HELLO!! AWESOME!!  I was very impressed with the variety that came in our box.  There are cans of wet foods, healthy dog treats, a cute toy that is VERY durable and they even included a dental spray for your pup’s halitosis.  I cannot believe that I go so much for the price of $26!  If you choose to join with an annual subscription, the cost is only $21 per month, but either way, you are getting a bargain. You can cancel at any time, but believe me, you won’t want to!  Thank you Pawalla for taking the time to choose just the right box for my pet!

One reader will receive a one month subscription for their cat or dog ($26.00)


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    • I also love the Oven Baked Dog Treats – Apple Smoked Bacon. Bacon is my dog, Gizmo’s favorite flavor for his treats!

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