Monthly Subscription Boxes

If you are an online shopper of any level, you probably have heard about monthly subscription boxes. This is a relatively new way to shop, as the rage just started going strong in the past few years. Whether you are a foodie, fashionista or a manly man who likes manly things, there is a subscription box for you. The cost ranges in price as do the variety of goods you can have sent to your doorstep each month. Choosing the right box for you is as easy as answering a few questions and deciding the price that fits your budget the best. If you are not sure about whether you want to jump on the popularity train of monthly subscription boxes, here are a few reasons to consider them: Why You Will Love A Monthly Subscription Box Service pin

Why You Will Love A Monthly Subscription Box Service

  1. They Are Easy: Joining a monthly subscription box service is very easy. You just fill out a short survey, choose the price which is right for your budget and the rest is up to the company. There is no leaving the house, fighting traffic or crowds. You can sign up in your pajamas if you like!
  2. They Are Affordable: Many of the monthly services start at just $10 per month, which is affordable for just about any budget. They can range in prices over $100, which would be filled with a ton of goodies to keep you happy until the next box comes.
  3. They Make Great Gifts: I love to give these boxes as gifts because I do not need to do any work! All I do is decide what I think the recipient would like best and have either a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month delivery set up and I am good to go.
  4. There Is A Large Variety: There is a monthly subscription box for just about every taste. You can send wine, food, jewelry, clothing and just about anything you can think of. There are even boxes for your pets!

earrings I first learned about the whole monthly subscription box service from a dog lover friend of mine. They were getting a box full of toys, treats and other goodies for their puppy every month. I was surprised at the amount of items included in the box as well as the quality of the items. And then to go on to find they were only paying $15 a month, I was shocked! When I started researching the other choices available, I was immediately drawn to Cate and Chloe, which offers a VIP Designer Jewelry Subscription filled with $200 in jewelry for only $40. You can also order the 3, 6 or 12 month service which ranges in price from $108 to $384. I could not believe they were able to offer such a huge savings on such high quality products. The only way to see for myself was to have a box sent to me for inspection. When you sign up for the VIP box, you will have an experienced stylist choose 2 pieces of jewelry which are perfect for you.

I received a gorgeous pair of “Full of Light” stud earrings and the “Layla” pendant necklace. The earrings are Silver Plated CZ Studs which would sell for $90 if bought separately. The necklace, which is silver plated with a central CZ stone, sells for $120 if bought separately. I love that I can wear this set with a pair of jeans and a tee or my little black dress. I was thrilled to see how exquisite this set was and that I saved over $170 by signing up for the monthly service. The more months you purchase, the more money you save. There is also an incredibly huge inventory of designer jewelry from Cate and Chole which includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. To make shopping easier, you can choose from the Pearl, CZ, Glam Chic, Rose, Silver and Simulated Diamond collections.

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What aspect of the monthly subscription boxes appeals to you most?


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