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Mooney Farms sent me a sampling of their best products, and they were oh-so-yummy! I had several different types of Bella Sun Luci sun-dried tomatoes that I threw I the crock pot with some chuck roast and veggies to and a little zing. My favorite were the ones infused in the garlic oil. Jakobi, however, thought the Italian herb ones were fruit snacks and he snagged the package and ate the whole darn thing himself! Over a few days, but that just shows you how GOOD they are. He claimed the package as “his fruit.”

Right now Mooney Farms is having a recipe contest! You can win a trip to Napa Valley.

Featuring Chico’s own Basque Norte and Carne Asada marinades in large 48oz. containers. Plus; gourmet kettle corn, stuffed olives, savory almonds, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale mustard to help complete your BBQ experience. A two-piece BBQ utensil set is included to make grilling easier. All this comes in a red bucket that can be filled with ice to keep your drinks cold.