If you missed Darcy’s previous guest post on Triberr, you need to check it out. I have been using Triberr for a little over a month, and it has done WONDERS for my traffic AND unique visitors. If you do not know Triberr is a ReTweet application that automatically retweets your “tribes” tweets. It is kind of like an exclusive club in the way that you need an invite to get in. Once you are in, you can start your own tribe and are given three to rule.

NOTE: Do not leave the tribe you initiated into Triberr or you will not be able to get back in! If you leave, then you will only have 3 tribes instead of 4.  You can also buy more tribes with bones. (You can earn bones by Retweeting others Tweets when asked.

The system is automated in that your feed from your blog is automatically (if you choose; you can set it on manual) each time you post.

How does this help you? Well, my reach has grown from 5,700 Twitter followers that I currently have to over 148,000 followers that my tweets are now sent out on! Awesome right? This means more people see my content which related to more hits on my blog and more pageviews. This week alone, I have received over 400 visits from Triberr shortened codes. Those were from the top urls. There were several smaller ones I did not add up. Pretty effective tool don’t you think?

So, how do you get into this cool club? all you have to do is to find a Triberr member willing to let you in. (me :)!!)

If you would like an invite, either leave a comment below with your Twitter name and I will send you a DM invite from @makobiscribe OR email me and I will send you a DM invite from @makobiscribe.

NOTE: If you are already in Triberr, I cannot invite you in. You can only be invited in once.


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