mosica project

There are many projects you can do with mosaic tile.  When I was a little kid I used mosaic tiles to create all kinds of art projects. We used plaster or tile grout and used glass mosaic tile to make flower pots and picture frames. It is pretty easy. You just arrange the glass mosaic tiles on the grout into a particular pattern and then let them dry.

I also have gotten kind of crazy and branched out in the bathroom and made a mosaic wall tile work of art.  You can either take glass tile or ceramic tile and do the exact same thing as you would do on a pot! It takes a long time and be careful if you are using glass tiles because if you drop them on the bathroom tile floor, they will shatter! Yes I am speaking from experience. It took quite a bit of time to arrange the tiles perfectly in such a beautiful design, but when I was done it was so worth it! Then, we moved.

Mosaic tile art is also a great and easy project to do with the kids. I think it would be a perfect outside summer project. Outside is best! You can usually go to tile stores and they have boxes of broken tiles they will give to you for free or a minimal amount of money. You can also purchase tiles from a mosaic tile online store.