As you know, almost all women dream of getting married. The most interesting thing is that quite often, the matter is not even in the man and not in love for him but in desire itself. But for men, everything is different … They are not eager to lead the first girl that they like, down the aisle. As you know, 85% of women are sure that men do not want to marry, and if they do, then only for some specific reason.

So why do men still get married? Sociologists are also interested in this issue and conducted an extensive study of men aged 19 to 39 years.

Because of female desire to get married (64%)

Yeah… A strong feminine desire still does its job, so to speak, sharpening stone in the right way. But it’s not only that. When a man’s relationship lasts long enough, their status, in principle, does not play a special role for him. The main thing for a man is that his beloved woman is with him, and marriage itself, when living together, often becomes in fact just a formality. That is why most men are confident that their wedding is the fulfillment of the desire of their beloved woman.

To make a career (59%)

Every second man gave this reasoning for marriage, and this is not surprising. After all, everyone knows that a married man is always better on the career ladder. The bosses know that a married man is more organized and rarely drinks because he can always rely on his woman for help, and not fill in complicated problems with alcohol. It has also been proven that married men work harder. There are 2 reasons for this. 

  1. They do not spend a lot of time on amorous adventures.
  2. They have someone to fight for in life.

If the lady of the heart is expecting a baby (44%)

A man rarely hurries with marriage. He hesitates and doubts himself. Saying goodbye to freedom and past reckless life is scary. But when a woman announces that she is pregnant, everything becomes clear. But this does not mean at all that every woman who wants to get married should get pregnant from her man, and everything will be like in a fairy tale. Only half of the men are aware of their responsibility in such a situation. The other disappears from the life of the lady, leaving her on her own.

To try it at least once (40%)

“Why not?” A young man asks himself a question. “I am young, successful, and she is beautiful and smart.” He is sure that she is a very worthy woman and proposes to her. At this moment, the man is not sure whether he is ready for marriage or not, but he really wants to try to live as a married man: family, breakfast together, and common concerns. They just do not want to miss anything in their life.

Because of loneliness (38%)

Yes. Men can be lonely as well. Not only women are able to watch soap operas and cry from the desire for eternal love. Of course, every man sees himself as a kind of lonely wolf, who walks through life on his own, achieving everything he wants. And so it is. But, besides this, every man has a moment when ordinary girls from the bar no longer warm their heart, and the house becomes somehow cold and empty. They are increasingly paying attention to women’s laughter, the smell of food, and everything that a woman creates around herself. In life, the fact that someone is waiting for you at home becomes important.

Because of traditions (33%)

No matter how ridiculous it sounds, but this is the way it is … And this is not only the case for Russian women dating and rather conservative countries, but this applies to every part of the world to some extent or another. I can’t really argue with the ridiculousness of it. His parents did that, and so did he. But such men do not recede from difficulties, because the word “must” was taught to them from childhood, and such a reason for marriage may not be the worst thing in the world.

To find peace (31%)

A man who is already over thirty needs a woman in his life much more than a guy at the age of twenty. He is tired of constant changes, instability, and heart anxiety. He feels good with his woman, warm, and comfortable. She cooks well, sings when cooks, and loves him. He loves her… he is calm with her. All worries and worries run away somewhere when she is next to him. These reasons are quite enough for marriage.

For greater presentability (29%)

For such men, a wife is an expensive piece of jewelry. She should be beautiful, be able to dress stylishly. Also, she should not be ashamed to visit important and expensive places, and men should simply turn green with envy when looking at her. I do not argue – it sounds unromantic and a little bad.