Mother-ease Cloth Diapers sent me a One Size System which includes One Size Diaper,  an Air Flow Cover and a Snap in Absorbent Liner.  I used this system on my son, Jakobi, who is currently using a diaper only for nap times and night.  So, you can imagine I need a good diaper that will not leak.  I was a little hesitant about how this would work overnight with the fabric being so thin.  I was pleasantly surprised when he woke up dry. When they say they use one of the most absorbent fabrics out there they were not kidding. However, he did have little red mark around his legs.  I adjust the sides of the Air Flow Cover and this addressed the problem.  Considering it was a one size I was curious how it would fit my youngest son, Mason.  After a little extra folding and some tighter snapping, the system easily changed to adapt to his size.  I found when I ordered my Mother-ease Cloth Diaper the website (including the shopping cart) was a great online resource for accurate product names and stats.

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