Garlic Gold is so yummy!  It also makes cooking a 10 minute meal super easy.  In this video, I cut up onions and placed them in my Xtrema 10″ Ceramic Skillet.  I coated my porkchops in bread crumbs and Adobo and cooked them on top of the onions.  I do this to keep the breadcrumbs from sticking to my pan.  To really bring out the flavor of the pork and breadcrumbs I drizzle Garlic Gold on the top of the porkchops before I flip them!  When you flip the chops over the smell is so mouth-watering good!  This would make an awesome gift for mom.  Hey family!  Hint. Hint.
Product Specifications:

Garlic Gold® Oil has been widely recognized as the finest tasting garlic-infused organic extra-virgin olive oil on the market. This subtle, unique oil is great for sauteeing or stir-frying your favorite dishes, or simply use it as a bread dip. Adds rich flavor to roasted, fried or baked potatoes, steamed beets, roast chicken, grilled meats and more. A healthy, delicious substitute for butter, use in place of regular cooking oils. Great in marinades, sauces, and as a finishing oil. Organic, unique and hand-crafted, our healthy gourmet garlic condiments turn any meal into a memorable dining experience!

8.44 fl. ounces – 250 ml
Ingredients: Organic, extra virgin olive oil infused with the rich flavor of organic garlic.

Three year shelf life unopened (6-12 months opened). Store in a cool, dark place.