Joanna Haul Couture Bag
The video below demonstrates how much stuff you can fit in this bag as well as carry your child! The Haul Couture bag is an oversized, insulated carry all bag that would be stylish on anyones arm. I go to tons of playdates and always find it hard to get everything I need from the car AND MY KIDS in one trip.  My Joanna Haul Couture bag can do it!  I love it! I have used it to bring in armloads of groceries and a whole picnic dinner! Check out the video for a demonstration.

Check out all the uses!!

GROCERY BAG– Fill the bag to capacity (Appx. 70 lbs.) with cold or hot items. Tell your bagger to sit it in an empty cart to load. While you may forget those flimsy cloth bags, you will not forget HC. WARNING: be prepared to be “all that” at the supermarket! But don’t worry if getting home takes longer than anticipated…HC is fully insulated and prepared for all those unexpected stops!

FOOD TOTE– Let “HC” tote your entire meal to its’ destination. Stack up to four levels of food with our Stacker Board System®! Depending on the size of your meal, you can leave the top of the bag open, stacking hot on bottom up to cold. Perfect for tailgating! Hint: Place a cookie sheet on the bottom level with a tea towel to safeguard any spills. If there is a mishap-wipe clean with a damp cloth or spot clean the outside.

OVERNIGHT BAG– Although it is perfect as an overnight tote, it is an amazing travel bag as well. When not in use, we designed HC to fold flat. Place in the bottom of your suitcase as you pack and remove to “haul- home” your trip purchases! HC fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of an airplane. The handy SBS® can be used as dividers between shoes, dirty laundry, toiletries, etc.

EVERYDAY TOTE– Hauling four separate bags out the door every morning, plus juggling your cup of coffee? Why? Because of its generous size, let HC carry your laptop bag (flat on the bottom), gym bag, and your lunch with plenty of room for any “extras” you accumulate throughout your busy day.

GIFT TOTE– “Go Green!” Stop buying paper shopping bags that tear before you get them home. HC carries up to 12-15 packages in one trip when used as an open tote. Delivering those all too important but cumbersome gifts to teachers, clients, and family/friends will be a breeze…and with the SBS®, you can put food on the bottom and gifts on top!

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