Shenzhen makes a great ceramic knife that is suitable for every-day kitchen use.  I use mine for everything from slicing meat to cutting vegetables. I was amazed how cleanly this light-weight, sturdy knife cut through a tomato.  The 6″ Ceramic Chef’s Knife has a white blade of zirconium oxide.  I believe this would be a great Mother’s Day gift and would be a great centerpiece for any amateur chef’s cutlery collection. Hint… Family, I would love the set, and compared to their competitors’ white ceramic chef’s knives that can retail for $100 or more, Shenzhen Ceramic Knivesare is definitely an AFFORDABLE alternative at only $34.99!  This video shows you a more 3D view of the knife, and you can also see it in action in my cooking video.  Here are also tips on ceramic knife care.
I received a ceramic knife for review free of charge from Shenzhen, but all my opinions are still 100% my own.