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I have quite a few shutterbug friends that would totally shine with this offer.  At first I wasn’t really sure how I would like the card, or rather didn’t get the concept; but then I went to the Snapily Animated Printed Gifts site, and it was so easy to upload.  After I had selected my two pictures it even showed me what my end result would be like before I printed.  Below is a video of my final product complete with the delightful squeals of happy children.  I absolutely love the way it turned out and can’t wait to sneak it into Daddy’s bag for him to find when he is on the road again.  What a great surprise for him to get two pictures of his family in one.  Right now Snapily is offering great full value coupons to Snapily.com for up to 50% off to purchase in order for you to buy your mother or loved ones a thoughtful, personalized gift.


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