The Pretty Peacock’s jewelry is just as exotic and interesting as it’s name implies.  This is a heart shaped mother’s bracelet with free-floating birthstones inside.  Wicked cool huh?  The heart is clasped together with a super strong magnet, and then the bracelet is clasped to each side of the heart.  When my box came I was very impressed and eager to see what was inside.  It was tenderly wrapped and topped with a peacock feather.  Jakobi was very impressed with such an exotic feather and keeps it atop his dresser to look at.  I think he was more impressed with the feather…silly boys.
Inside of this treasure was a rhodium plates silver chain bracelet with a heart shaped locket containing the birthstones of my three sons as well as a larger birthstone heart representing my husband.  I love rhodium plating.  I have this on my wedding rings over white gold and it really holds the shine of the metal well.
This is from The Pretty Peacock website:
What is rhodium plating?
Rhodium, which is a member of the platinum family, is a metal that is durable and hard. When plated on other metals it produces a bright, shiny and long lasting silver-colored finish. This coating helps protect the silver from tarnishing, scratching, and corrosion.
I was very impressed with the unique collections at The Pretty Peacock.  It truly was hard for me to settle on just one item.  I was drawn to the heart because it was a chic way I could show off that I was a mother and part of a family without my jewelery screaming, “I am a Mom.”  My kids do a good enough job at that.    The stones inside are so dainty and I love how they click around inside as I move.  It is kind of an unconscious reminder that I am loved by my family.  Here is a collection of the stones by birth month that you can select from: 

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The Pretty Peacock has sponsored the “I Love My Mommy Event” by donating this Dreamwoven Sculpture Pendant ARV $98.00.  The giveaway for this lovely Dreamwoven Sculpture Pendant will be held on  May 5 to May 10th.  Make sure that you mark your calendar to win this along with thousands of dollars worth in other prizes.  My package alone is worth over $1500.00!!

This TPP exclusive elegant sculpture-pendant is completely crafted by hand: start to finish!

This pendant is created from fine silver (99.9% pure silver – sterling is 92.5%), which is eco-friendly by nature and carefully shaped into a spiral with an intricate detail embedded – not just engraved on the surface, but actually a part of the silver itself.

What makes this pendant so special is that a quote, special message, childrens’ names, etc can be hand stamped on the inside of the spiral – you may be the only one that knows it is there, but it peeks out between the curves – quite stunning – and is there for you alone. The internal text is not oxidized so that it blends in and keeps the design fluid.

This is a solid piece of silver – no wimpy metals here. Each spiral is freshly created when you order it, so the pattern and the twist itself – will vary from the piece photographed.