I love a good skillet!  I am so tired of having scratches in my coated skillets and having to replace them all the time, I am tired of my food sticking to my noncoated skillets, and I am tired of greasing my iron skillets.  I wanted a skillet that I could do everything with like my iron skillet (stove & oven), but easier to clean like my Teflon-like coated skillets that would not scratch.  This Xtrema 10″ ceramic skillet has it all!  I can put it in the oven and bake, cook on my skillet, and even serve it to my tabletop.  I cook a lot and like it to be hassle-free and quick (good example).  This pan heats up so easily, evenly, and hold the heat well; you can even cook (and is recommended you do so) on a lower heat.  This means you get to save the earth and money on your electric bills while cooking more efficiently.  The onions barely stuck to the bottom of the pan, and as the fat from the pork chops rendered, the left over residue cleaned up so super easy, I  did not even need to do the presoak I am used to doing to clean the skillet.  I have even ventured to cook eggs in this pan with no butter or oil and NO sticking…yes that means FAT FREE cooking with no mess!  What Mom would not love to have this as an addition to their kitchen?
Get a close up view of this Xtrema 10″ Xtrema Skillet and some of its features in this video.
I received no monetary compensation for this review but was supplied this product free of charge; however, all opinions are my own.

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