Breast Milk Storage System

Breastfeeding is one of my favorite parts about having a baby. It is the number one thing I miss as my girls got older. For some mothers, breastfeeding just doesn’t work but they still want their baby to get all the healthy nutrients and benefits of breastfeeding. The Mother’s Milk Mate is a breast milk storage system that makes storing so much easier for these moms or moms like me, who sometimes like to have others help with feedings. I was really excited when I came across the Mothers’s Milk Mate. It is an essential breastfeeding breast milk storage system and the best way to store fresh milk.

The Mother’s Milk breast milk storage system is designed to keep your milk in the freshest order, making it easy to grab and keeping track of oldest to new. Bags can be such a pain. You have to dump the milk from the pump into them, sometimes losing milk. My milk is like gold to me. Every ounce is hard work and the last thing I want is some of it going to waste. The Mother’s Milk Mate pays for itself in 6 weeks vs plastic bags costing you money for months. I also love that the Mother’s Milk Mate storage containers hook on to my Medela pump and turn into a bottle when I’m ready to feed the baby. Best of all is the storage containers/bottles are BPA- free! The Mother’s Milk Make breast milk storage system holds up to 10 5oz bottles.

The Mother’s Milk Mate Rack and breast milk storage system link mine is sold for $28.95 plus $.7.50 shipping on the Mother’s Milk Mate website or you can purchase directly from Amazon. The Mother’s Milk Mate Rack and Bottle Storage System comes with the Breast Milk Storage Rack, 10 BPA-free 5-oz bottles (recommended for 4oz because milk expands in the freezer), 10 bottle cap plugs and 10 bottle caps, and 45 removable freezer-grade freshness dating labels.


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