Movie Night

It’s always a good time taking the family out to the Cineplex to see the latest film from Hollywood, but ticket prices and snacks can make it a pretty expensive night out. Bringing the movie night back into the living room can save time and effort. You and I both know, however, that without making a good effort to replicate the cinematic experience, this particular cost-saving effort is not going to fly. I’ve put together a few tips to make your next movie night at home a success:

Movie Night

Making your movie night great needs:

  1. The Right Movie: Always a tough part, finding something that everyone will like. My family has a younger-leaning demographic right now so we loved the animated magic of Big Hero 6 at our last movie night. The touching tale of technology with a heart had my boys enthralled. You know your audience, so take the time to pick out something that appeals to everyone. We live in a world of many choices, and our entertainment selection has never been so vast. It’s a great time to be a movie fan.Movie Night
  2. Movie Snacks: Popcorn and Gummi Bears and Sweettarts, oh my. You’ll be amazed at the amount of popcorn you can actually create for $8. I’m not suggesting that you do it unless you have a very large number of containers to store it and/or an army to eat it. Some melted butter on top and it’s just like the multiplex.

    If you were feeling health conscious you could substitute healthy snacks, but then we have left the realm of recreating the movie experience and moved into something like fitness. Pass the Gummi Bears.Movie Night

  3. A Great Home Theater System: I have the Samsung HT-H6500W. It was much easier to set up than wired systems, especially the rear speakers. When I set up the system the rear speakers have their own hub. No wires from that section to the front of the room where the television is. This means no tripping on wires or having to use my girlish charms to get some guy to rewire my house! My favorite feature is the BluRay player.
    BuyDig Theater SystemIt plays my Blu-Ray & DVD collection, and gives me access to all of my favorite video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video & YouTube. I can even plug in a USB drive with my home movies on it and watch the boys watch themselves on the big screen. It sounds like a movie theater when I turn it up. I could probably make the neighbors complain if I wanted. I can play music from another device through it with Bluetooth, and the smartphone app can connect and control other compatible devices. It really does it all. It is on sale at BuyDig for $548.

When we’re all snuggled up on the couch with our popcorn and enjoying a new film, I feel connected to my boys. I like to see how they react to different situations onscreen, and it gives me great teaching opportunities. We end up better connected to each other and I love anything that brings us all closer together. I hope these suggestions help you have a great movie night at home soon.

When is your next movie night?

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