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When I see how hot this summer has been, it makes me think of the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” We had such a terribly cold winter we were all wishing for the warmth of the summer. Well, here it is and we are roasting! When it is just too dang hot to go outside, we are driven back inwards. We love to watch television, so what better way to beat the heat than staying in to watch your favorite summer movies with family and friends at home? With Movies On Demand on cable, you can watch many of your summer favorites with the push of a button instantly in the comfort of your own home.

I could not believe how many great movies are available this summer for the whole family to enjoy. That is one thing I love most about Movies On Demand; the great selection. Movies On Demand on cable delivers the most popular movies and this summer, they are providing you with best movie watching experience with their wide range of choices! You can have the neighbors over for a BBQ and then a great MOD movie everyone can enjoy. There are plenty of movies for the adults in the group as well as the younger ones in the crowd.

For the whole family, you can enjoy The Lego Movie:


or they may enjoy Ernest and Celestine:


Coming July 8th, you may enjoy the hilarious movie Bad Words, starring Jason Bateman:


A movie I am excited to see is They Came Together, starring Amy Pohler and Paul Rudd. These two comedic geniuses are going to makes sparks fly when they are on screen together in this comedy available June 27th.


To celebrate this wonderful summer movie list, Movies On Demand is offering one USA reader a $25 Visa GC, $20 Cable Cash, Chips and Salsa, Candy, Popcorn and Drinks.

Which Movies On Demand movie are you dying to see with your family?


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