Soft Soled Baby Shoes

When my daughter Ava started walking I found that soft soled baby shoes were the best; there aren’t heavy and they keep their feet clean. When my younger daughter Paige started walking I was on the search for the perfect pair of soft soled toddler shoes. I came across Moxies. Moxies has the cutest soft soled shoes! I was able to personalize my daughter’s baby shoes right down to every little detail. The website is very user-friendly and makes personalizing shoes so much fun! First, I picked my shoe. I was able to choice from leather shoes, suede shoes, leather boots, suede boots, winter shoes, and adult shoes. I picked the leather shoe. I then chose my leather color and ankle color. I was able to choose from 17 different colors and had the option as to whether I wanted sheepskin ankle, polar lining, and toughtek sole. I love pink so I choose bubble gum pink as my leather color and deep pink for my ankle color. I then chose a font and color for my daughter’s name. I again picked deep pink and the font “Sarah” for her name. You can then have the option to add a design icon. There is a great variety of flowers, garden, zoo, sea, boys, peace, and other adorable little icons. I didn’t choose anything for this part because I was just wanted her name. You then pick your size and order. Such a simple process and was so easy to do!

Personalized Baby Shoes

Paige’s shoes arrived very nicely packaged in a cute pink tie bag. Moxies would be perfect to give as a gift! Paige was very excited to put on her new personalized baby shoes! They were easy to slip on and easy for her to walk around in. The quality was excellent as well! I absolutely love Paige’s new shoes. These shoes are not only perfect for new walkers for for all ages. They are cute and comfy!
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