I have 3 dogs, so even though they’re small dogs, they go through food quickly.  One of my least favorite errands to run is going to buy dog food and treats.  First, I usually wait until the last minute and then I have to run out when I don’t feel like it, end up going to the nearest pet specialty store, and pay more than I should just because it’s convenient.  Pet specialty stores can be expensive!  One of my dogs have digestive problems, so I feed my dogs pretty high-quality food, so this isn’t something I can buy at the grocery store.  Bottom line, I love my dogs, but I can’t stand shopping for food and treats.  It’s a hassle I would rather not deal with.

Pet Food Home Delivery Service

In steps Mr. Chewy to the rescue!  Mr. Chewy is your online retailer for pet food, treats, and other supplies delivered right to your door!  They carry over 70 brands, so the chance that they’re going to carry your food is pretty good.  Plus, their prices (at least on the food and treats I ordered) are lower than what I pay at the pet specialty store, and they offer free shipping on order over $49, which is a great deal!  You click on a few buttons and your pet food and treats show up on your doorstep a few days later?  It doesn’t get easier than that!  Also, in addition to dog and cat food (both dry and wet) and treats, they also offer potty pads, flea and tick treatments, and cat litter.  Any of those supplies that are necessities that you can’t afford to run out of, they carry!  Sign up for automatic delivery, and you never have to remember to buy pet food again!  They’ll automatically order and deliver whatever supplies you need on a recurring basis as set by you.  No more running out of food and running out in the cold to get it!  It’ll be at your door before you even realize you’re almost out!

Next time you start running low on your pet’s food, order from Mr Chewy and see for yourself how easy it is!  They also participate in a referral for charity program.  For every new person who signs up and orders with your unique code, not only do you receive 10% off your next order, but more importantly, Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to one of their partner animal charities.  The first time you order from Mr. Chewy, use code STAC9634 at checkout so that $10 is donated for your new order!

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