Peabody and Sherman
Though he’s not even celebrated his 11th birthday, Max Charles is not a household name but has a resume that should suggest otherwise. Ariel Winter is best known for her role as geeky Alex Dunphy on ABC’s Modern Family and her work ethic is just as impressive. Together, they’re the unlikely duo that team up to travel in the WABAC throughout history in Mr. Peabody and Sherman, in theaters March 7, 2012.

I had the chance to interview the actors about their roles in the film that is the full feature version of the 1960s cartoon that so many loved. The new version is a new vision, including a character that wasn’t in the original cartoon – Penny.

Peabody and Sherman
When asked about her preference for voice acting over live action, Ariel Winter, who provides the voice for Penny, said that she finds challenges in, but enjoys, both. “I love the challenge of having to express yourself only through your voice because,” she said with a smile, “I’m sure as you can tell, I’m a very expressive person.”

Peabody and Sherman

Peabody and ShermanMax Charles, who is the voice of Sherman in the film, was just as expressive and absolutely adorable to interview. We asked what he enjoys doing when he’s not acting; his answer was one that we would expect from any kid his age.

“I like to play basketball. I got a basketball hoop for Christmas,” he laughed. “So, I play basketball, ride my bike, skateboard. I do a lot of different things.”

A kid of many talents, I wasn’t surprised he was able to be so successful at such a young age but still so down to Earth.

Of course, as the original cartoon was well before their time, Winter and Charles did research on their roles, just as any actor would in their situation. “Before this project,” Charles said, “I didn’t see [Mr. Peabody and Sherman] yet. But then when I booked the role, I watched it and it was really good.”

Peabody and ShermanWinter was at a greater disadvantage with regards to research for her role as the original cartoon didn’t have Penny as a character; she was added for the updated version. “I kind of liked that she wasn’t in it,” said Winter. “It’s basically like they handed me a book and it was empty and I got write the pages… I got to write my own character.”

Read about our interview with the film’s director and producers here and be sure to catch Mr. Peabody and Sherman in theaters March 7.

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