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How To Easily Charge Multiple Mobile Devices

I have not always been the technology savvy lady I am today! As a matter of fact, I was usually the one who was a step or two behind the latest and greatest tech gadgets. Because I live with 2 teenagers, I am getting brought up to speed more quickly these days! They are like a radar for what is a must have or a do not even go there when it comes to the tech products we should or should not have in the house. As far as mobile devices go, we have 2 laptops, 3 tablets, 3 smartphones and 2 MP3 players. I am so over trying to find the right cord that charges the device I am using. I could just about strangle myself with all of the dang charging cords and cables we have in the house. Instead of fooling with them any longer, I have cut the cord and went with one centralized device that could charge all of my devices at once; the HUB IT.

The HUB IT is a multi device charger from Eggtronic, a cutting-edge designer and manufacturer of mobile devices and consumer electronics accessories solutions, based out of Italy. This sleekly modern designed charging station is perfect for your family, small business or dorm room. It can charge up to 7 portable devices including your Android and Apple products. This innovative charger is the first customizable sync and charge docking station formultiple mobile devices. It has the capacity to charge devices compatible with the Micro USB, Mini USB, 8-Pin, or 30-Pin openings.

The HUB IT has 3 USB ports and four retractable cartridge connectors, which can be changed as you upgrade your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device or a device like the ones at https://www.amphenol-icc.com/connectors.html. The HUB IT is perfect for a quick charge and looks great on your counter, desk, nightstand, end table or any other convenient surface. The HUB IT is so fast, it can charge multiple mobile devices in minutes and can download a full HD movie in just 15 seconds! Can you believe that? I am so happy I do not need to wait around half the day waiting for my device to charge!

Another feature I appreciate is the lack of long and tangled cords and cables. With the retractable cables, you can keep everything nice and neat and hidden from view. With its A common USB hub cannot fast charge your devices, nor a charger can download a full HD movie in 15 second. HUB IT has 5 additional slots for additional items like your wireless Qi charger and other chargeable devices. It is so lightweight and looks so attractive on my living room end table, which is a convenient spot for us to charge all of our devices. You can purchase the HUB IT for $80 from Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon. Be sure to follow HUB IT on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. One USA reader will win one HUB IT ARV $80.

How many multiple mobile devices could you charge on the HUB IT?


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