Must Have Accessories That Will Keep You Warm
With this cold weather we have upon us, I have some must-have accessories that will keep you warm.  Just like when you aren’t feeling well and you want your comfort foods, the same holds true for when you are uncomfortable.  It doesn’t matter if you are cold or hot, when you are most uncomfortable with the weather, there are typically go-to items that make you feel better.  In the summer, it is my flip flops, sundresses and big sunglasses.  In the winter, my list of comfort items was a bit longer than my needs for the summer.  Here is my list of must have items when I am cold.  I am curious to see what your list has on it!

Must Have Accessories That Will Keep You Warm

  • Faux Fur Throw: One of my favorite coverings when I am cold is my faux fur throw which has the faux leopard print on one side and a deliciously soft minky fabric on the other.  Thankfully each of us has one of these so we don’t fight over just one. Funny side note: I have my oldest daughter one for Christmas and almost immediately her boyfriend and dog Ringo jumped under the throw with her!
  • Cardigan: I am not one to wear a big coat, even when it is at the coldest point with the weather.  I have an older cardigan that ties at the waist instead of buttons and it is soft and big and so comfortable.  As a matter of fact, I am wearing it as I type this which is cracking me up!!!
  • Plush Bathrobe: You know you have a comfy bathrobe when you see yourself wearing it for longer than the few minutes from the bathroom to the bedroom.  Granted, there is a line we can cross that goes from extending your comfort to being on the edge of looking like the weird lady who lives alone with her cats and sits in her bathrobe all day!  My bathrobe is really plush, and feels similar to minky fabric, so I would wear it all day and naysayers be silenced!!
  • Slippers: If there was a favorite item that I am almost always wearing, it would be my fuzzy slippers. Since I work from home, I don’t wear shoes very often and I wear my slippers virtually all the time.  My neighbor makes fun of me because if I am outside taking pictures for the blog, I am out there with my pink fuzzy slippers!!  I love my slippers from Dearfoams and I have had them for a few years now and they still have a lot of mileage left in them.  That is one of the great things about Dearfoams slippers is that they will last you for years and with their affordable prices, that is a huge bonus!!  Dearfoams internet sales has gone through the roof from the dedication of their customers and the top notch marketing group at All Inclusive Marketing.

Comfortable Slippers For Home

Comfortable Slippers For Home

If there is one thing I would highly recommend, that would be comfortable slippers for home use.  If you are on the kooky side, I have probably seen you wearing them at the local discount store, but I tend to wear mine at home!  My 14 year old Caitlin has had a huge growth spurt this past year and jumped 2 shoe sizes since last year.  The one thing she kept hounding me about this holiday was that her slippers didn’t’ fit anymore and she needed a new pair.  When I was offered the opportunity to review a pair of slippers from my favorite brand, I knew I would choose a pair for Caitlin.  I chose the Fur Bootie with Beads ($36.00) in the Leopard print.  Not only do these slippers look fantastic, but they are so dang comfy and warm!  With the flannel lining and the ultra-thick cushioning, these booties are awesome!  I think you can tell from Caitlin’s smile that she was completely happy with her gift!  What I love is the rubber outsole so that if she does go outside to take out the trash or check the mail, she won’t tear them up.  I have had slippers that literally fell apart after a few trips to the mailbox at the end of the driveway!  If you are looking for an excellent brand for your entire family to enjoy, you can’t find any better than Dearfoams.  What you may not know about Dearfoams is they have added some great items to their line that will keep your family warm and cozy during these chilly winter months.  You can now find cozy bathrobes, pajamas and sleep shirts as well as beautiful scarves, mittens and hats.  You may have known, which I did not was that Dearfoams also carries shoes that you can wear out when you are running your errands or having fun.  You can purchase your Dearfoams online or at many local stores in your area.

One reader will win one pair of Dearfoams Slippers ($15.40-$42.00) in their choice of style, size and color for men or women, depending on availability.



  1. I love the df sport clog as they are so versatile you could wear Them for a quick run to the store without looking kooky….lol. Also love the fur booty with beads, they are just too cute not to love, like you, I wear slippers all the time and having ones that are comfortable and durable is essential. I have also had ones that fell apart with a quick couple trips down the driveway to the mailbox….thank you

  2. I love slippers. We have a very drafy house and the floors get quite cold. I like the Fuzzy Plush Bottie…it looks very warm.

  3. I love the Velour clog thay look comfortable and I need it with my foot just out of a cast !

  4. I love the Embroidered Closed Back Slippers in Leopard Print. I love these slippers.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  5. I admit it, I completely underestimated slippers until the end of last year. My mother in law got me a pair a few years back and I never wore them. I tried them on around Thanksgiving or so and haven’t gotten out of them since (except when I leave the house of course). 😉

  6. I have a pair of the velour / terry closed back slippers and love them. I see that they have them in leopard print that would be fun.

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  9. I really like the cross stitch clog, but I think I would choose microsuede / sherpa clog or the corduroy scuff for my husband who quite badly needs new slippers. His are so very very sad. Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. My first favorite are the Df Sport Espadrille in leopard! My second favorite are the Pile Ankle Booties in leopard! I LOVE leopard! Lol

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