Must Have Exercise Gear For Trail Walking

I have been working really hard to live a healthier life. I have been working on changing my eating habits and am on the Medifast plan. It seems that when I try to exercise, I get a weird injury! I tore 2 ligaments in my right foot and any exercise requiring feet and legs was out for almost 8 months. I got a portable gym at home, but with a recent shoulder injury, I have been unable to use it. My doctor finally gave me a thumbs up for exercising with my lower half, so I am walking. With my walking, I am slowly fitting in short bursts of running as well. Since I am just getting back into the exercise thing, I wanted to be sure I had the correct must have exercise gear. Here is my top list of stuff you need!

  • Pedometer: How will you know how well you are doing if you do not wear a pedometer? You should get in at least 10,000 steps each day and that is hard to do if you are sitting on the sofa, so get up!
  • Journal:If you have a journal to write down your goals and compare them to your activity, you are more likely to succeed. 
  • Buddy Up: If you have someone to walk with, you are more likely to continue than if you do not. Granted, a walking buddy is not technically gear, but they are important, therefore it is on the list!
  • Weights: If you want to make the walk more challenging and hasten the calorie burning, get some weights. You do not need to have a set that are too heavy, just add 1-2 pounds and you will see a significant difference.
  • Terrain: You should mix up where you walk so you can add intensity to your routine. You can walk the track one day, do trail walking the next and climb hills the next.
  • Good Shoes: If you do not have good shoes for either walking or running, you can really hurt your feet, legs, knees, and such. I love a lightweight shoe that I can wear whether I am walking or running and looks great too! For a line of high quality shoes for walking, hiking, or running, Vasque has it all.

Must Have Exercise Gear

I am a huge proponent of making it right the first time and that includes all areas of your life. I have found that virtually every time I try to cut corners, I end up in double trouble. I recently decided to have my hair done at a local beauty school and not that it turned out poorly, it just was not up to par. When I saw the amazing shoes from Vasque, I knew I had found the real thing and not a cheap knock off!

I was sent the Pendulum, which is the trail running shoe and are the newest of the Vasque line. With the Pendulum, you keep your foot to the ground, which is great for the best natural positioning of the foot. For running on the trail, you have added protection from heel strikes or rocks. When William Sweasy saw the outdoor recreation was sweeping Europe while he was visiting, he developed a plan. He started the company as Voyager but changed it to Vasque, for the mountain range in Colorado. Today, the company continually finds ways to break ground while keeping your feet safe on it when you are getting your walk or run on. You can purchase the Pendulum for $109.95 from fine retailers who carry amazing outdoor recreation products.


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