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With the holidays come travel and the must haves for weekend getaways.  It can be a bit harried to go out of town for 2-3 days just about every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  There are so many little details you need to remember that it almost seems more work than taking longer trips.  I have been packing a separate bag for each of us and it seemed insane to try to keep track of everyone’s bags and their goodies.  For my upcoming trip to Ohio, I decided to make a list of what the essential must haves would be and tick to that list.  I also decided I didn’t want to bring separate bags, but rather a large enough bag for all of us.  Here are some great ideas for your next trip:


Must Haves For Weekend Getaways

Clothes: Check out the weather report and pack accordingly.  Everyone should bring a pair of jeans, a pair of casual pants, a plain tee, a nice but casual top, a long sleeved shirt , a light jacket or sweater, one dressy outfit (if applicable),  and the appropriate number of underclothes.

Accessories:  One pair of large hoop earrings, one pair of small post earrings, sun glasses, a watch, hair accessories, a belt, one pair of day and one pair of evening shoes
Toiletries:  As far as toiletries go, you just need to bring one travel bottle of shampoo, one bar of soap, one tube of toothpaste, everyone’s toothbrushes, deodorant, and one hair dryer.

Miscellaneous: If you are driving, bring snacks, drinks and activities for the kids.  I always bring a book I have been dying to read but never have the time to.  Bring along your electronic devices like your smart phone, tablet, MP3 player and the portable DVD player for the kids.

Luggage: Here is the big decision.  Do you want to bring a bag for everyone or not?  If you are flying, it is certainly in your best interest to carry as few pieces of luggage as possible.  With this upcoming trip, I decided to attempt to pack all of our stuff in one bag, but then the question then what was the right bag.  When I saw the amazing collection of luggage from Briggs and Riley, I knew I had found the perfect company to solve my issue.


Choosing The Right Luggage

Before we could take our trip, I needed help choosing the right luggage.  I wanted something that would fit all of our stuff as well as be sturdy and good looking as well. When I saw the huge product line from Briggs and Riley, the question wasn’t would I find what I wanted, but how to narrow down my choices!!  I finally decide d on the BD120X ($155.00) in tan.  This baby has everything!!  Here is a list of just a few of the many features:

        • Lightweight and durable nylon and tarpaulin
        • The outer fabric is wear, water, dirt, and abrasion resistant.
        • There is a four-sided zip expansion for additional storage
        • Meets carry-on regulations for most domestic and international airlines
        • Removable comfort-flex shoulder strap with shoulder pad
        • The interior is roomy and can comfortably fit all of the items my family would take on our trip.
        • Mesh zipper pocket
        • Quickly converts to a back pack
        • Cushioned grip handles and straps that reduce the strain on your shoulder or back.

Briggs Bag

I absolutely LOVE my Briggs and Riley bag.  I cannot believe how much room there is.  The zippers are really sturdy and are ergonomically correct and the straps are quite comfortable.  We were able to fit everything we needed for the trip and we actually had enough room to stow away a few souvenirs!  You can also find laptop cases, briefcases, rolling cases, backpacks, garment bags and more.  You can stay up to date with Briggs and Riley by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


  1. Something else I normally bring is my own towels if we’re going to be staying with a family member. Some of them have “guest towels”, but most don’t and it’s awkward to ask.

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