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The Mutsy Easyrider is so light. It only weighs 14 lbs., so it is easy for me to take in and out of the back of my trunk. It has become my go-to stroller because now Jakobi likes to walk and I had no need for my double anymore..  I find that the Mutsy EasyRider is perfect for my everyday outings like walks at Lakes Park and jaunts through my neighborhood. One of the unique things I like about this stroller is the wheel system. It has swivel wheels in front with a unique suspension system that helps me get over the curbs and speed bumbs easily.  The stroller I received is suitable for ages 3 months and up and comes in Black, Grey and Purple. The recommended retail is $169.  Make sure to check out Mutsy’s other offerings including the DuoSeat, Rider range and Transporter strollers and their great seating choices including the Easygrow high chair and Grow-Up! booster seat collections.

The EasyRider really made my life so much simpler. I was used to having zero trunk space and often forgot the double in the trunk when I went grocery shopping and had no where to put the groceries. I actually had to disassemble the double stroller to fit in my hatchback! The EasyRider is compact and light and fit in my trunk with space to spare. I was able to go shopping and have tons of room. Another great feature that Mason utilized was the fully reclined seat that he could lay down and nap comfortably. If you are in the market for an easy to maneuver, store and carry stroller that is sturdy and safe, check out the Mutsy EasyRider.

Founded in 1935 as Mutsaerts, Netherlands-based Mutsy began as a manufacturer of traditional style prams.  In the new millennium, the Mutsy line was transformed with an aesthetically beautiful and technologically advanced frame as the basis of its current product offerings.  Designed to meet the needs of today’s modern and mobile parent, the Mutsy collection’s unique modular system offers flexibility for all lifestyles. The company’s distinctive from birth to early childhood products include strollers, high chairs, booster seats, a baby rocker, and an array of baby essentials and accessories.  Mutsy USA offices are located in Chester, New Jersey.  For more information on Mutsy products call (908) 879-1012 or visit Mutsy.

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