Almond Biscotti Bites

It is very rare that I can sneak away and nibble on my own food without sharing. My Biscotti Moments are few and precious so enjoying a Nonni Classic Almond Biscotti in the morning with my iced coffee while my husband gives the boys a bath is a welcome treat. I love how these almond creations with a hint of anise compliment my morning mood so well.

Stealing moments

I love how the Nonni Biscotti bites are small enough to pop in your mouth when you have a spare 20 seconds to sneak a snack. Every mom knows that when the rustle of a food bag is heard, it is not too long that the little ones will round the corner with their mouths open, eyes searching for the treat they know you have! But a treat this good is meant just for me and sneaking one of two is a cinch and a mini- break in my mouth. It is the perfect just for me treat.

Biscotti Crunch

You can almost see the dry crunch of the sweet biscotti that just melts in your mouth. The almonds treating you to a burst of flavor and the gourmet dark chocolate adding the perfect touch. Don’t you just want to reach right through your computer and take a bite? Nonni offers a special occasion treat at anytime, even on the go; and the snackable size allows for a manageable calorie consumption.

Almond Biscotti

I was sent all three flavors: Almond Dark Chocolate and Classic Almond as pictured, but the Caramel Milk Chocolate never made it to the photo shoot or my plate. It seems my husband needed a Biscotti Moment too and polished off a whole bag claiming, “Well, you had three…you should share” Hmmmph. My next trip to the store will definitely have Biscotti bites on the list.


My Biscotti Moment

This is my Biscotti moment; sitting outside on the porch, under the palm tree, drinking coffee while enjoying the many varieties of my Nonni Biscotti Treats. Pictured above is my favorite an Almond Dark Chocolate which is a classic almond biscotti that has been dipped in the most delicious gourmet dark chocolate. It is like heaven at my fingertips.

Dipping my biscotti

I detailed the Facebook contest below, and you are allowed to enter one Biscotti Moment picture a week. Which ones do you think I should enter? I have started at the top with my first image because that was truly a break away from everyone. I had a full 20 minutes on the porch to myself and I just sat and did nothing. Well, I breathed, and drank coffee, and ate my biscotti bites. I really enjoy how these bites are unique with the bursts of flavor normal biscotti doesn’t have.

Biscotti BitesNonni’s Biscotti wants to see everyone’s Biscotti Moments and offer the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip for two to Hollywood. Make your own memorable moments while getting the star treatment against the backdrop of one of America’s most famous cities. As an extra treat, anyone who uploads a photo of their Biscotti Moment will have a chance to win the weekly prize of aNonni’s Biscotti Gift Basket. You can learn more about the Biscotti Moment Sweepstakes on the Nonni’s Biscotti Facebook page.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Nonni’s Biscotti and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate