My Coke Rewards Coca-Cola Family Night Board Game

I love when Fall arrives, it always means that life as we know it will change.  The lazy days of summer are replaced with pumpkin picking, trick or treating, turkey day, Christmas and all the shopping, cooking and coordination that comes along with it.  My Coke Rewards fall initiative is to bring family’s back together for some good old fashion fun with My Coke Rewards Coca-Cola Family Night, the site will be up until the end of October, 2011.  They have worked hard to compile some wonderful snack ideas, activities to do at home and the most recent way to game (boy we have come along way with our technology)!

Game Night Snack Food

As as avid Cokeaholic (let me be honest, I have to have Coke to make it through my day), I love My Coke Rewards.  It is super easy to sign up and you can earn tons of wonderful prizes.  You setup an account and then enter in your codes from your Coke products.  Its amazing how quickly your rewards add up!  My Coke Rewards has teamed up with Celebrity Chef G. Garvin to bring you quick and easy snacks to prepare for your family night that will be sure to please even the pickiest eaters!  My favorite is the grilled chicken and cheese nachos ( I will be making those and the buffalo chicken wings for my family night).  Playstation Move will get your family up and off the couch competing against each other, there is nothing better than playing an interactive game.

New Family Tradition Ideas: Create Lasting Memories With Your Children

I remember game night when I was younger, my whole family would get together and we would play Monopoly.  This was at a time when I was learning math, so they made me the banker.  I think this really helped me with my adding and subtracting skills.  My favorite piece to be was the shoe, being the youngest of 4, they always let me choose my piece first.  My Dad would make popcorn the old fashion way on the stove (yes, people this was before microwaves), he made the best popcorn!  At that time, having soda was a big treat because we only were allowed soda on special occasions.  So we would have our Coca-Cola, popcorn and play Monopoly until someone won!  If you have ever played the game you know how long that takes, I cherish those memories and all of the quality time we spent together as a family.  My Coke Rewards has thought of new and fresh ways to bring your family together to create lasting memories with your children and new family traditions that will last a lifetime. Its so important to take time out of our busy schedules to get together as a family and have that good quality time.  This time of year especially because things get so hectic with the holidays.  I hope that my family will enjoy our family game nights as much as I did when I was little.

This MyCoke Rewards Family Night giveaway has been closed, but you can enter the new one at My Coke Rewards Sweeps, where Coca-Cola is offering a American Idol Prize Pack.

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