My Comfort Crosses sent me a My comfort cross to review. This is a much different review then I normally do, but as a Christian, I thought this product was special and would be appealing to other Christians. The idea behind the comfort cross is that it has been designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand during prayer or meditation. It also holds a spiritual connection to the holy land because the wood has been hand carved from grained olive wood in around Bethlehem.

For those unfamiliar with the importance of the olive wood tree, the olive tree is a significant plant mentioned in the New and Old Testament. The olive tree is a gift that keeps on gifting; the oil from the fruit is the oil used to anoint the sick and when the tree’s are pruned, as for crosses such as the Comfort Cross, it opens the tree up for new growth to provide a new corp of olives.

The My Comfort Cross was packaged in a velveteen travel size bag with a draw sting. I appreciated how the bag and cross were travel size so I could put it in my purse for church or traveling. I don’t know about you, but flying makes me extremely nervous. I would say I spend half of the flight praying and the other half attending to my children. I think this cross will be nice to fly with when I travel to my husband’s home state next month. I also like how it fits in my daughter’s hand. I like to teach my young girls about being a christian but I get nervous with them touching their ceramic crosses or even rosaries because they are still very young. My Comfort Cross is not breakable and perfect for teaching them about God.

My Comfort Cross is afforable being sold for $6,  $11 a pair, or in packs of ten for $40 on the Comfort Cross website.

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