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I love shopping for makeup. As a matter of fact, I have enough beauty products to fill a drawer, a closet and 3 overflowing bags on my counter. The funny thing is, I usually gravitate to the same look with the basic essentials. I always have a go-to look with mascara, black eye-liner topped with either a gold, bronze or light brown to soften the black. I use a liquid eyeliner for the black and a pencil for the overlay topped with a black mascara. Now my mascara changes if even subtly to add volume, minerals, or length. I use blackest black and that’s the only color I like. Sometimes I do only the top lashes, sometimes I do top and bottom and if I plan to cry I use waterproof mascara. Then, I sculpt my brow with a brow creme or liner. All of this to appear natural. Women are funny. After all of this attention to my eyes, I need a good makeup remover. Most of the ones you can find involve a cotton ball and are really greasy to get off the waterproof mascara. However, e.l.f. cosmetics has a great makeup remover that comes in a cloth form and is resealable.

elf cosmetics at Target

elf Cosmetics at Target

I really enjoy elf cosmetics because they have that little something extra but still lets me stay in my comfort zone. I wear makeup when I go out at night with my husband and friends, for events and conferences and for most pictures. I am pretty stuck in my ways and am basically brand loyal to certain products. However, it was no stretch for me to try a few new things on my trip to Target. You can see my whole path to purchase and what peaked my interest the most in my Google Album. The price was so affordable, I was able to try out products just to see if I would like them. I bought one of everything you see above including 2 makeup remover cleaning cloths. I really could not wait to try the gold liquid eye liner. It looked light enough to pass maybe without all the other stuff and could help me shorten my routine. It was glittery and really light with a hint of color! I used a light application of mascara & brow shaper and I found a great new look I accomplished in under a minute. Perfect for picking up my son from school so his teacher doesn’t think I hang out in my sweats all day tethered to a computer.

elf everyday cosmetics

I was so happy with several of the cosmetics I tried, I actually now use them in place of my usual. The eyebrow kit was the perfect shade and had a mirror attached to it I love. The gold eyeliner was just fun, and my eyelashes totally needed the treat of the mineral Infused Mascara. The two products I had never tried before that I added to my regimen were the makeup mist and set. My mom used to use hairspray when I was growing up which I would assume would clog your pores, so I thought it was pretty neat to find this particular product. The all-over glow cover stick was pretty helpful as well. I used that in place of blush, shadow and even on my lips for a nice hint of color. Overall, I ended up spending over $40 which you can imagine is a lot of makeup when the highest price item I found was $3. I had fun playing and was thrilled to find a handful of keepers.

making the elf cosmetic switch

With the wide variety of elf cosmetics at Target, I had so much to choose from. Located with the other brands, elf took up a whole 4 foot section with affordable deal after deal on quality makeup. I had a real hard time narrowing down my purchase to $40 when there were so many items I really wanted. In the end, even my son was coaxing me to try new things. “Hey mom. This is a bootiful color.” Of course I bought it.

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You can further connect with e.l.f. cosmetics on Twitter and Facebook. I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric However, I have previously bought from the e.l.f. cosmetic line and plan to again!


  1. Oh my goodness…I’ve never even seen the mist and set before. That sounds like something I”ll need to try!

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