Favorite Disney Memory

This is another scrap book page from my Disney memories. This shows a picture of my 8-month pregnant self being pushed by her loving husband. I was too tired and too heavy to walk. So, he offered to push me in a wheelchair.  Which ended up being for 12 straight hours. He was such a champ! He did not complain how heavy I was one time. I, of course, being pregnant groaned and moaned the whole way. The funniest part of the whole trip was when we were on the boat back to the parking lot after the fireworks, I leaned against him to hold me up and really leaned on him. I was exhausted from the 12 hour day. He looked at me and took off his flip-flop. Yes, my husband was wearing flip-flops. He had bleeding blisters from pushing me uphill through the park and he did not complain not once. I felt really bad for leaning on him and complaining, but I knew how much he loved me.  He made our honeymoon special in every way!

We had so much fun that day eating chocolate covered bananas and I just wanted to get back to our hotel. Next time, I know to get a motorized scooter!